My Life, Bill Clinton

Posted: December 13, 2006 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday my girlfriend, her friend and I decided to dine together at my favourite Chinese restaurant-Yi Xian, but it was too early to go there and we had just bitten fried minced fish with veggies at Olympic market. Browsing in International Book Centre appeared to be a good option to kill the time after we had to be out from Monument Book at the closing time. I had just been there a few weeks ago finding no interesting book, and this time I had no intention to make any purchase. After browsing around about 30 minutes, one of the books piled up on the floor probably to be shelved catch my eye. My Life, Bill Clinton. I wanted the book once when I saw it in a bookstore in Bangkok airport last 2 years. But I did not buy it because the hardcover was so costly at that time. I am not sure I can finish reading this nearly a-thousand-page autobiography. Now I am at Chapter Five.


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