I was too thoughtful….

Posted: January 2, 2007 in My Life

In the morning of the first day of 2007, Sokhor, my friend since secondary school, came to my house and took me to Phsar Chaor, literally means thief market, where used and stolen stuffs are sold, bought and pawned. I wanted know how much we can sell my boss’s go-out-of-use Minolta α-807si one-lens camera, though I did not plan to sell it on that day. There was only one shop dealing with camera but scores of shops selling and buying mobile phones. Next to the camera shop, comes the media player shop displaying several items of sleek iPod nano Generation 2 I hardly believe. Its price was harder to believe. $40 for iPod nano 8G that costs you more $200 at authorized shop. I have longed for iPod since last year, but the price was too cheap to make me think twice. I decided to check the market price first and come back later in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the camera shop there could not name us a price, since they deal mainly with digital cameras. After visiting a few shops outside the market, it seemed that $150 would be the best price of the costly film camera with unpopular bankrupted maker.

In the after noon, with my brother I went to some electronic shops to confirm the price before going to the market again just to feel remorseful for not buying it in the morning. Someone had come in the morning hours after my visit I bought it without hesitation like me!!!!!!!! What was left was just iPod nano 512MB whose price was only slightly cheaper than the 8G. There was also one new iPod nano 2G but it was not on sale. Someone have it in pawn for just ten dollar. I wondered the person with iPod is desperate for just ten bucks. Or as the name of the market tells, was it not belong to the real owner but someone else?

  1. Like this narrative essay ! short and meaningful ! Hope I can write like this soon ! 🙂 hehe..

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