A Rose for Your Vanlentine?

Posted: February 14, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Valentine Day has gained popularity among Cambodian youth these recent years. Rather than offering valentine cards, chocolates or any confectionary, buying roses for their lovers is much more common and popular for Cambodian teens. Today there are flower stands dotted every corner nearby high schools, along main streets, river fronts and other popular hangouts. Though apparently flower stands are no less than previous years, surprisingly I saw less people holding roses along the streets this evening. Yet, there are teens everywhere with their new bikes. Here are some photos I took while I strolled to and from Royal Palace this evening.

Along Sihanouk Boulevard

Along Sihanouk Boulevard

In front of Express Fresh Flower Shop

Near New Collection Store

Near Independent Monument

This kinda store just disappears itself hours later.

In front of Slek Chac Restaurant, owned by Pop Singer Preab Sovath

  1. Sophat says:

    Thanks for sharing. I absolutely had no idea that Valentine tradition has gone so wild in Cambodia these days; just look at the stand near the Independence Monument!

  2. CheaPhal says:

    Yeah, you are rite, Sophat. It kinda wild now among our teens. But I hope it will not be the same as Thailand’s that Valentine Day becoming the day that teens lose their virginities.

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