A Butterfly

Posted: June 19, 2008 in Photos
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My co-worker called me that there was a butterfly in the kitchen. Then I went and returned back for camera when I saw the chubbiest butterfly I have even seen in my life. She is even weirder for not flying away no matter how my camera came close to her, not even moved when I laid my hand on her. Then I tried to take her from the dish shelf where she clung to, you know what happened, she just clung at her best to the iron bar. Finally she decided to give up and fly away when she knew that she not gonna win this tug of war, when I inserted more force. Her chubbiness and ignorance of human existence made me wondered if she was actually a butterfly, but it is the only closest bug that comes up in my head.

At the kitchen of my workplace.

  1. Phossdey says:

    Exactly, it’s what come to my head too. Probably it’s still butterfly family, brother. Let’s do a research! lolz

  2. whiterosekh says:

    How come? even a butterfly u didn’t let it go peacefully…still be catched by ur camera…oh, now i believe u r really camera-man.

  3. tumnei says:

    I was not my fault, as it is the butterfly that invaded my territory. keke. Btw, is that capturing a butterfly a proof of being a cameraman? 😀

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