Cambodian Tro Performance at Restaurant

Posted: July 7, 2008 in Photos
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This evening we had dinner at an Okinawa restaurant where live transitional Okinawa music is regularly performed to entertain clienteles. Seeing some common parts between Okinawa’s and Cambodian instruments, my co-worker took out Cambodian Tro to show our Japanese friends. Then a restaurant assistant asked if he would like to go to the stage and make performance. Without hesitation, he accepted it. The clienteles in the restaurant grew so lively as he played the melody of a well-known Japanese children song with Cambodian Tro. By the way, the tastes of the food also similar to Cambodia.

Okinawa Traditional Music Band Performance

Tro Performance by my coworker after having two glasses of Japanese alcohol

  1. sokun says:

    that is so cool man keep it coming 😉

  2. Phossdey says:

    Yeah! Enjoy it quite a lot. The stage looks terrific! Look at all those music instrument. How was the food like? Felt like home even in Osaka? kekekeke

  3. Fumi says:

    Nice photos. Is this in Japan? I love all of the cool sanshins on the wall.

  4. Phal says:

    Fumi: yeah, they are taken in Osaka, Japan.

  5. Annya says:

    I get to see this weekly at my local izakaya in Okinawa. except the performers look a little more…. hmm… Okinawan. LOL.

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