From Ban Lung, Rattanakiri

Posted: September 2, 2008 in My Life
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Have arrived in Ban lung, the provincial town of Rattanakiri, since last Sunday. I have been here once in 2003 but I call not really recall the changes it have been made. This afternoon, I went to Ban Lung market to find some newspapers to read and learned that there in nowhere you can get newspapers into your hands in Rattanakiri regardless of what kind of newspapers, not to say English-language Cambodia Daily that I wished to have. A Surprise for me!!!!!

  1. chornsokun says:

    lucky u got the Internet access 🙂 post some photos man

  2. pst says:

    hey dude, bring some wild animal meat for me!!! anyway, make your schedule available at the end of the year. m trying to book the ticket now.

  3. abc says:

    Hey man is it Banlung or Balung?
    Well in khmer, I`m sure it is Banlung.

  4. Phal says:

    Sokun, this time I am with my old Canon PowerShot S40. Its media is CF and I dun have card-reader with me. So there is not way that I can get some photos for you, at least at this moment.

    Tra, just let me know your schedule. I am damn sure that I have time for your.

    Abc, thank for your correction. You are rite.

  5. oh, how do they hear from the outsider?

  6. Phal says:

    Sis, ironically even the indigenous people in a village I visited this Thursday have access to radio and telly. It was a Tumpun indigenous village but most of young Tumpun there can speak Khmer pretty well.

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