Photos from Steung Treng

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Photos
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Here are some photos I took in Steung Treng when we stoped over on the way to Rattanakiri last Saturday. Will update some more photos from Rattanakiri when I have time. Internet connection in Ban Lung is faster than I expected though the price is 4 times more expensive than in Phnom Penh. I am now in the internet cafe in Chhay Vang Guesthouse not far away from Ban Lung market.

Traffic is so tranquil in Steung Treng Town (Nearby river dock).

Steung Treng’s fresh market in morning (The photo was taken from second floor of Rattana Sambath Guesthouse)

Pyramid advertisement has also reached this remote province.

Sekong Bridge constructed by Chinese Government. You can reach Lao border after crossing the bridge in about an hour by car.

Sekong Bridge completely constructed in 2008

Sunset in Steung Treng

  1. chornsokun says:

    excellent coverage shot 😉

  2. Love the sunset shot, bro!

  3. kluv says:

    nice shots Steung Treng. Never been there 😦

  4. sanya says:

    It is a wonderful photo of market that you made a shot. It is showing the reality of the living market. But the bridge is not very clear to see. I wish to see more of the bridge. What is Ban Lung ? Is is a village or a market in Cambodia or in Laos. thanks

  5. tumnei says:

    Sanya, I dun have a better photo of the bridge. Btw, Ban Lung is the name of Rattakiri’s provincial town. There is a market with the same name there as well.

  6. Rooster_kool says:


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