Tuol Senchey

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Photos, SVA
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On this Wednesday again I went to Tuol Chey, or Tuol Senchey communities (សហគមន៍ទួលសែនជ័យ)​​​ as the local called, to talk with people there. I will go there for several more time this month as I am planning to make a small survey there. The living condition of the communities there is hard bearable. They are simply living with things that other people don’t wish to have, garbage or litters.

  1. c.sokun says:

    man, it seem to me like you done a lot of survey so far how do you manage your collected data?

  2. Phal says:

    hahah yeah, need to be tabulated and analyzed later. The last one I did in Rattankiri was a group work, but for this survey I will do it alone. And it gotta be done in one month. Wish me luck, pal. 😦

  3. c.sokun says:

    lol yeah, I can code you a few macros if you like 😉

  4. Bro, keeps me update. I am really interested in it. What is your hypothesis, anyway?

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