Cambodian Kids

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Photos

A girl at a center of People Improvement Organization (PIO).

A boy listening to storytelling with attention.

A girl enjoying her free reading time, a part of mobile library activities

A small kid at rural country.

  1. YeNG says:

    What innocent looks they have!
    Btw, Nice shots!!! With your new camera?

  2. Chorn Sokun says:

    oh dear! why all my friends are shooters haha

  3. Phossdey says:

    My fav one is the boy listening to the story! 😉

  4. Phal says:

    Yeng, yeah all the photos were taken with my D80.
    Sokun, that is good that your friends are shooters not killers. 🙂
    Sis, for me i love the smile of the rural kid the most, though that one is my favorite too.

  5. angkor138 says:

    Photograph says all about our human character. They all wonderful in every each way.

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