Honda Benly 50S

Posted: October 2, 2008 in This & That

A friend of mine sent me photos of his new motorbike, Honda Benly 50S, just to get me envious. After seeing his new bike, my Little Cub 49cc looks rather unattractive; and it made me want the Benly as well. Here is one of the photos he sent me.

  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. Phossdey says:

    Bro, I reckon I would rather ride on your bike. 😉

  3. ThaRum says:

    I bought the same model a few weeks back. Mine is Silver Metallic, not black. I like a black color one better, but couldn’t find a good one. Classically stylish.

  4. Phal says:

    Hi ThaRum. I thought you might have eyes on Vespa. I had longed for Vespa too, but my mom said I am better not. Now I have forgotten about it and still with my Honda little Cub.

  5. ThaRum says:

    Vespa is not really for me. I know the guy who organizes the rally, and enjoy go out with the vespa drivers for outdoor photography.

    I guess I’ve not found the passion of driving yet; but the Benly seems to be something that can help. Recenly, a colleague of mine bought a black color one. So there are two Benly in the office now.

  6. HSH says:

    Hi. I am interested in getting a Honda Benly also. Any ideas about where I can find one in Phnom Penh? Thanks.

  7. ThaRum says:

    @HSH Send me an email. I’ve got two motorbikes at the moment.
    Here it’s:

  8. Frank says:

    Hi guys. Can you tell me the approximate price for this in Cambodia? Also are they japanese import, or are they imported to Cambodia? Cheers, Frank

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