A Photo By Maciej Dakowicz

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Children, Photos, This & That
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I found some very touching photos taken by Maciej Dakowicz, a native of Poland and currently doing his Phd in Computer in Wales, while I was trying to find some pieces of information on Steung Meanchey dumping site. Here is one of his photos taking in at the dumping site in 2005.

Maciej Dakowicz’s Flowers in the dump

See more photos at

  1. Sothy says:

    Yeah that person is awesome. Ive seen this one before in a website that we join. I have a few pics from there…not sure if u have seen in my blog. This is one of them. http://www.trekearth.com/viewphotos.php?l=5&p=738177

  2. angkor138 says:

    Despite hard life, she managed to have a big smile on the camera on burning smoke backdrop of the dump site.

    My sympathy goes to all children there.

  3. Phal says:

    Hi Sothy. Thank for dropping by. So you have been to the dumping site to take photos as well. Considering you have been into photography for just a couple of years, your photos are so stunning. I wonder if I can take such kinds of photos like yours in ten years.

    Angkor138, if you have chance, you probably should go there and see it by your own eyes that how miserable the people there are. I heard that the dumping site will be closed next year, and the ppl there will be located to somewhere outside of Phnom Penh. Just anther eviction.

  4. angkor138 says:

    Hi Phal;
    I believed I was there once with a gentleman from NGO “Pour un sourir d’enfant”.

    I am not in the position to disagree with you [another eviction], but theis is the nromal case once the landfill is full then the area would eventually close [someone may own the area and would develop that area into housing in due course] and a new site would set up. However, my sympathy would always be with people who live there.

  5. Phossdey says:

    I’m impressed with this talent job by bringing over the beauty of what we may not see at first glance.

  6. What a great photo! It reminded me of my visit to the site with some British friends several months ago. While it was very depressing, it showed another lens of life that I, before this, tend to take for granted. I had an opportunity to meet countless number of kids – some w/out even a parent – who wanted to be in school but couldn’t. Very sad indeed.

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