Sky Photography

Posted: October 25, 2008 in Nightscape
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Sothy’s photos inspire me to make exploration of sky photography. I found twilight sky is very beautiful. Even though it is a little bit dark, it can be dealt with slow shutter. If I had tripod with me, I could have tried it with longer time exposure. Here are some sky photos I got from Sihanoukville.

  1. Sothy says:

    Awesome skies, Phal. Well done. I also love the colors you had there. Very beauitful. If you have a better foreground, these pictures will become a postcard one.

  2. Samnang says:

    Great job, You and Sothy are way ahead with photography, man. I need to catch up. I am going to have my new camera in due course! let’s see if I have another excuse when not taking a good picture! Please share more!

  3. Phal says:

    Samnang, the only photo of yours in your blog is the one in Hawaii. Are you still in Hawaii now? I am waiting to see more photos from you. Share us when you have. By the way, my photos are nothing to compare with Sothy’s.

  4. Samnang says:

    Sorry for not being able to share. I have a lot, but my internet is too slow to upload pictures; I will try. I am already back from Hawaii. Our advantage is that we have a beautiful countryside and nature here in Cambodia. Let’s shoot!!

  5. Bang Nang!!! I did not know you’re already back to Hawaii. Awww …. thought I would be going home to find you there. 😦

    Bro, love the shots. I have saved to my PC. Keep it on, always your big fan. hehehehe

  6. BCT says:

    Good day;
    Thank you for dropping by my site [] and appreciate your comment.

    I love to take these types of photos [natural light or street lights without having employing flash]. In the past, I used to take it and manually set my camera to 5.6 aperture at 1 minute [munal focus lense, sit on tripot].

    very good shots indeed

  7. seserak says:

    Great shots.

    I love to see more of your photos.

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