At Caltex’s StarMart

Posted: November 1, 2008 in My Life

Again gotta find place to wait for someone. This time I chose a closest StarMart. After pondering over what to drink, I ended up getting a bottle of Guinness. Luckily, I happened to bring a book with me too.

  1. YeNG says:

    I’m reading that book, too. Love its writing style…

  2. Phal says:

    Hi Yeng, personally I found his first novel, the Kite Runner, is more page-turning. So you love reading novel too, Yeng?

  3. Samnang says:

    I am surprised that Mr. Beer and Mr. Book can get along!

  4. Phal says:

    Yeah, it is probably a very weird combination. If there is Coffee Plus at the StarMart, I would have taken a cup of coffee instead. But I was clear-headed with one small bottle at that time, thought I am not a strong drinker. 🙂

  5. Khmer star says:

    When i saw the bottle of beer on the table, it makes me to be passion to drink beer. I never drink the kind of this beer yet, i will try it one day whether it is good or not.

  6. Sothy says:

    I miss Guinness. Good beer. I am a little bit picky about the sharpness of the bottle. You handhold it?

  7. Phal says:

    Hi Khmer Star, thank for dropping by.

    Sothy, yeah it was handhold and I had nothing to stable my hand. I took a few more photos, but it is the best one I had. Actually I still dun have a tripod myself yet, but I am planning to have a Velbon CX-440 some day soon. Cant afford a more expensive one.

  8. Kenno says:

    Without a tripod, you can try increase iso to 800, open to the largest aperture, you maybe able to get some nice clear shots. Tripod is annoying sometimes, say in this case, would you have a tripod with you while waiting for a friend at StartMart? 🙂

  9. Phal says:

    Kenno, thank you very much for your very useful comment. Yeah we can not bring tripod along with us all the time. But I learned that it hard to avoid noise when we increase ISO too high. What do you usually do to reduce the noise, by the way?

  10. Kenno says:

    Get a D300, heard the noise is very minimal at high ISO. Hehehe.. 😛 j/k

    Regarding to noise, this is what I notice. Despite how bad it is when you look at the picture at the full size, it looks alright when you print it out.

    The only way to reduce noise is to shoot with fast lens, i.e. lens with large aperture. In low light condition, I’d shoot with 50mm f/1.4. If I need to use the slow lens, I’d increase ISO to 800 and the picture should be alright. Digital noise is hard to avoid sometimes, but it’s a good compromise over the blurry images.

  11. Phal says:

    It sounds I need a better camera or lens, heuy Hehe. 🙂 AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-135mm with maximum aperture of 3.5-5.6 is the only lens I possess at this moment. Don know when I can try a faster one. Thanks you very much for your tip. By the way are you shooting with D300?

  12. Kenno says:

    May I recommend you the great Nikkor 50mm f/1.8? It’s fast, produces a decent bokeh, and it’s very affordable. It’s around US$100. If you have friends living in the US, just ask them to get you one.

    Yes, I shoot all my photos with D300 now. Previously, I owned D70.

  13. Phal says:

    Sadly I dun have friend in US, but I still have some in Japan. It is around 170$ there. I would be cheaper if Yen does not remain strong against USD. Yeah it is affordable. Will give a thought about that. Thx.

  14. Kenno says:

    Don’t buy electronic stuffs from Japan. They’re too expensive there. ~_~ It’s probably cheaper even buying in Australia.

  15. Phal says:

    Oh, really!! Do you have any idea how much it is in Aussie? Is that cheaper to buy online there? I am not sure if Phossdey is coming here, but I guess I can ask her for a favor when she comes here.

  16. khmerbird says:

    how is the taste of the beer? never try Guinness… is it strong?

  17. Phal says:

    Personally I prefer it to ABC that tastes like a herbal medicine to me. 🙂 By the way, Beer Lao is one my favorite. Its inexpensiveness and pleasant tastes are the reasons.

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