Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder

Posted: November 6, 2008 in This & That
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To attract tourists, many countries campaign their tourism branding. “Incredible India”, “Malaysia Truly Asia”, “Amazing Thailand”, “Uniquely Singapore”, “100% Pure New Zealand”, etcetera. What’s about Cambodia? Though I had heard the Ministry of Tourism was considering of the catch copy for tourism branding, I had just leaned that now we got “Cambodia- Kingdom of Wonder” when I saw the commercial on CNN yesterday in Kompong Thom. According to the ministry homepage, the commercials will be run on CNN Asian until mid November in English, Japanese and Khmer.

  1. How was the promo? I hope it was interesting and nicely done. It’ll be great if someone can post that clip on YouTube. Really wanna see it!

  2. Phal says:

    I can say the commercials are pretty good. Since Water Festival is coming, there is also a commercial featuring the festival as well. Hope they will be available on YouTube in due time.

  3. BCT says:

    Have not seen the Ad yet. The price tag for the Ad is said to be 1 million dollar. Other things that Ministry of Tourism, city hall, local authorities and people can do is to get all areas cleaned up and traffics in good orders. Tourists have mentioned about these tow things very often.

  4. Phal says:

    You are right, BCT. Phnom Penh traffic is unbearable in recent years. Parking is out of control. I think is one of the reason that Phnom Penh was recently rated the second worst city to visit. Only promoting the image through the commercials is not gonna work.

  5. BCT says:

    Tourism could be a big money spinner if things are in place. I.e. People, services, environment, attraction areas otherwise tourists will simply go other places in the world.

  6. Naven says:

    It is really amazing to see the film about Cambodia, I am waiting to hearing this information for age. However, I wonder that if you can a short about Yak Lam lake (vocano lake) on this film, it would be attact to other tourists who are interested on swimming.

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