55th Independent Day

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Photos

Here some photos from the 55th Independent Day I took yesterday. More photos are available at my flickr.



  1. Samphors~* says:

    It seems like yesterday when my class were told to join the parade. It’s 5 years later now and the parade is just amazing. A plus for your skill, btw.

  2. Chanthol says:

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing Phal. btw, how’s Pagna? Where did she work? Still with bong Sopha?

  3. Phal says:

    Samphors, 5 years back you were a Uni. student. weren’t you? I did not know that Uni. send students to such an event. And thank for your complement.

    Chanthol, Yeah she is still working at that military school. She gotta work there for more one year. She is also work at part-timer at Singapore International School (SIS) as well.

  4. BCT says:

    Brilliant pictures.

  5. Great photos.. I wish I could witness it live too.

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