A Visit to Udong

Posted: November 16, 2008 in My Life, Photos
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Yesterday my friend rang me if I have time for a visit to Udong, former Cambodia Capitol, with his family. Since I had no any exact plan, that seemed not a bad idea at all. Though I have been there for a couple of times, it turned out to be a very good trip. Here are some photos I got from the trip.

Cambodian Rice Field

Cambodian Temple

Cambodia Kids

  1. BCT says:

    Hi Phal;
    I have been there a few times myself and I would not mind to go back there again

  2. I so love the green countryside. That’s one the greatest things about Udong. It’s surrounded by greenery. Oh man, your pictures are making me miss home! I wanna go back.

  3. Rath says:

    អូប្លុកបងស្អាតណាស់ណាបង សូមក្ដីរាប់អានផង

  4. Phal says:

    Hi Roth, Nice to have your visit. Sorry that I write in English as I am not yet accustomed to Khmer typing. Your site is pretty girlie. A nice one. BTW, I do not design this blog my hands. What I have to do is just selecting a ready-made theme available. Yeah and that ALL. 🙂

  5. Mengieng says:

    Phal, These pictures make me MISS Cambodia SOO Much…

  6. tumnei says:

    When are you coming back here? Do you know that Komi-san is also living the States now? She is in NYC.

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