A Cambodian School in Remote Area

Posted: November 29, 2008 in SVA
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If you have chance to go deep down in Cambodian rural area, you will witness the undeniable gap between the rich and the poor between people living in urban and rural areas. In some remote schools children are still learning in deteriorated buildings which barely walled and properly thatched. No wonder, there is no class when rain or strong wind comes.

Samlong Primacy School located in District of Santok about one hour and half from Kampong town and an hour from National Road No. 6. There are two classrooms and two teachers operating five classes from grade one to five with students less than a hundred. You may wonder how five grades can be taught with only two classrooms and two teachers. To solve this, combined class was introduced especially in such a remote area where shortage of teachers and classroom are still ones of the main problems.
Samlong Primary School
Deteriorated School Building Which Is Still Being Used When I Visited the School Two Weeks Back.

This school is fortunate to get support from Japanese citizen and now under construction. Hopefully next year, children there can have proper classes with better education. I am simply surprised to learn that most of the students at grade 3 found difficulty in solving some simple subtraction not to say multiplication problems. Without good education, their choices of occupation will be very limited when they are grow-ups.

Ssamlong Primary School
Children Joining Soil Filling Activities

  1. Sothy says:

    Sad… but you really show social problem that is really happening in the country. Well seen. Sothy

  2. BCT says:

    Remote and rural area is always disavantage in every which wa even if in developped countries. Here in Australia, for children in remote station [cattle farms] their classroom is their own house and they have lesson through the short-wave radio with their teach who may be 30km away. There is no denial that the gap between the city and rural areas are huge, hope one day, RGC could implement and provide everything for people there.

  3. Chanroeun says:

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments on my blog. It is so interesting to see how some Cambodian people really help to promote education in Cambodia.

  4. Kslyhlgi says:

    5Z856m comment2 ,

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