Angkor At Dawn

Posted: December 6, 2008 in Photos

It was my second time to see sunrise at Angkor Wat this morning. The first time was some time in 2002 with a friend of mine from high school. I am here for on mission, but some how I can get this Saturday off. As I am not an early bird, I was not really sure if I really wanted to get up at 5 am.

Angkor At Dawn

Angkor At Dawn

Angkor At Dawn

Posting from the Blue Pumpkin, Old Market

  1. BCT says:

    Pictures are beautiful. I had the opportunity once back in 2003, on the balloon ride [free of charge] but failed to take any picture. I will difinitely do it again one day and make sure I take lot of picture.

  2. Phal says:

    I have never seen Angkor wat from above, but I am sure that I must be stunning, especially with sunrise or sunset. Hope you will have some beautiful photos when you are here next time.

  3. Sothy says:

    Very nice shot. I like them all. Keep posting

  4. Phal says:

    Actually they didn’t look that nice without Photoshop CS3. We gotta love Abobe. heheh

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