Advanced Photo System (APS)

Posted: December 17, 2008 in Photography
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At the present day normally camera is divided into film and digital. It is well forgotten that in between the two formats another format, Advanced Photo System (APS), was introduced into markets in 1996 as alternative to the popular 35mm format film. The APS standard was jointly developed by Canon, Fuji Photo, Eastman Kodak, Minolta and Nikon, however, in about 5 years later, due to the shrinking market share after the release of digital technology, most, if not all, of the makers decided to stop producing the APS cameras. Though a very small market still remains and the APS films still can be found, as I said it very well forgotten by most of users.

Fujifilm Nexia 220ix Z APS Film Camera

Fujifilm Nexia 220ix Z APS Film Camera

Until the day I was on the way to Steng Treng last month with my boss who used to work for a company producing camera lens glasses, the APS had never come up to my mind. It was a completely forgotten history for me as well.

  1. Impressive! But I am waiting for more information what is APS like! hehehe

  2. BCT says:

    As the tech is advancing a lot of early released camera became thing in the past and display in the house rather than being use from time to time.

  3. Phal says:

    It was a big failure to invest on the APS system and it costed the makers billions of dollars in loss before they decided to give it up.

    Sis, have ever you seen the film or the camera? I dun know how to explain you te. Do you see the film on the photo? It looks slightly small and not as round as the normal film.

  4. Yes, I have seen film camera. I just had a look and read about it. Though I could not really understand the whole thing, but better than before now! lolzzzzz

  5. […] Always, even from a young age. I would buy 110mm film cameras from garage sales and I took to the Advanced Photo System film technology like a duck to water. My first digital camera was recommended to me by the DivX […]

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