Merry Christmas

Posted: December 25, 2008 in Nightscape
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Independent MonumentIt made six bucks for a small glass of cocktail less pricy with this view.

  1. That’s a great view indeed. Nice job.

  2. YeNG says:

    Wow, real beautiful!!! Nice shot!
    Anyway, Merry Christmas!!!

  3. c.sokun says:

    where was that buddy?

  4. c.sokun says:

    I mean where did you shoot from?

  5. Phal says:

    It is from the Sky Bar of The Place Club. I didn’t have the gut to go there until last night when I was with a guest from Japan. We decided to have a look. We ordered a drink each and yeah no more additional order. he he.

  6. Sothy says:

    Very nice shot. I love it. You found a great spot which is so unique that I never saw before. Travel companies should buy this picture from you. Good for their advertisement.

  7. Phal says:

    Sothy, you are right. It is a good spot taking the photos of Independent Monument, the symbol of Phnom Penh. But to the best of my knowledge, neither municipality nor travel companies have used photos from this spot for tourism promotion.

  8. BCT says:

    Beautifully taken

  9. Borin says:

    It’s beautiful, i’ve always guess that the place is a nice spot to take photo of the independent monument. The place is expensive, and full of way to classy people. I don’t even think of going up there hahaha.

    Any way what’s the ISO, shutter speed, focal range, I notice that there is not much noise in this image.

  10. Borin says:

    are u trying to advertise for this place?

  11. Phal says:

    Hi Borin, here are the property of the photo.
    ISO: 400, Shutter Speed:30 seconds, Aperture: F5.3, Focus Length: 58mm, Flash not fire with Nikkor 18-135mm 3.5-5.6 lens and handhold.

    I went there just out of curiosity. I used to see a similar photo by Ari Vitikainen. That was so stunning. I guessed he must have taken it from there and this was confirmed now.

    And yeah I am not promoting this high-ended club, but does not mind to receive some commission from the company. hehe…

  12. Borin says:

    are u trying to tell me yo achieve this with 30second shutter speed, without tripod? that’s unbelievable !!! wow

  13. Borin says:

    i think it’s 1/30 second eheh.. cuz there’s no trail light behind those cars, and moto…wonder full photo 🙂

  14. Phal says:

    You are right, Borin. It was 1/30 sec. You have very good eyes. hehe. By that way, I cannot access to your blog. Is it down at the moment?

  15. Borin says:

    It’s the problem of ISP’s dns server, because some time when some one access the blog from different isp it works. I don’t know why!

  16. សុវុឌ្ឍី says:

    wow, brother, today i just got to see this pic. It is such a very great pic i have ever seen. Cool…

  17. It look a wonderful pictures for me ! I like it ! Hope to see more nice pictures from you ! Good Job Bong Phal !

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