Cambodian Railways

Posted: January 2, 2009 in Photos, This & That
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Where had I been to on the first day of 2009? I went to two places of my places to visit in Phnom Penh. This time I opted for a rooftop slum located on the building in front of BS department store (also a place I have never been too as well but not in my list of places to visit) and the platforms of Phnom Penh railways station (I have been to the station but not to its platforms).

Personally both places was very worth visiting, but this time I am going to share only some photos from the railways station. Sadly most of the trains at the platforms were left to decay and must have never been used for ages. Even worse, people without toilet come to release themselves at the disused railroads. Beside my friend and me, there was a couple of Barangs came to the railways station perhaps out of curiosity.
Cambodian Railways

Cambodian Railways

Cambodian Railways

Cambodian Railways 4

Cambodian Railways

Cambodian Railways

Cambodian Railways


Cambodian Railways

  1. kluv says:

    Nice pictures!
    Anyway Happy New Year! May you have a wonderful time years ahead.

  2. Borin says:

    Do they allow you to get in there??

  3. Phal says:

    Happy New year to you too, Kluv.

    As the door was not locked, I just walked in. There was not a soul of guard or station attendant there at that time. I guess it is not closed for public. Have a look if you have time some day.

  4. cancambodia says:

    Nice photos. It reminded me when I studied at there 9 years ago but I didn’t finish the course because it was not possible for me to take three degrees at the same time.

    The Cambodian Railway is really poorly equipped. I thought of the train in Cambodia when I took a train in Sydney last week. I hope that the Cambodian Railway will be developed with the support of Australia.

  5. mealoftheday says:

    It looks pretty good, brother. Guess it must be so cool back years ago! Finally you were in the shot. hahahaha

  6. I noticed Cambodian Railway on the first pic! You were in the last shot. 😉

  7. BCT says:

    Our railway system is indeed needed upgrade and the wagons shall be sent to scrp metal.

  8. Kenno says:

    Very interesting photos. I notice the graffiti in the 5th photo from the top, what does it say?

  9. stockcam says:

    Sad to see railway system in Cambodia. You may remember the convenient service in Japan. Anyway, did make a good shot. I have just jumped in blogging. Visit and share your comment phorng na. Sophanou

  10. Phal says:

    I heard ADB is upgrading the rail roads, hopefully it will be much better when the upgrade it done. I have always wanted to board the train as the way it is now. But it never comes into action so far. Anyone want to hop on with me?

    Kenno, I noticed the graffiti too, but did not have a close look. Sorry I dun have the answer for you. Come to check it out when you are here. A yeah before it is removed!!!

  11. Borin says:

    Do you believe in retouching photo? Some photographer don’t, but for me there’s no reason not to.

    Have you tried HDR? I guess these image would be very good in HDR.


  12. Borin says:

    Graffiti is annoying, do you think so?

    • "!GROPE!" ONE says:

      HI Borin I certainly dont mean this in an agressive or disrespectfull way but but for some people is a form of art with an added adrenaline rush, a link to hip hop culture a creative yet destructive outlet for stress. I dont expect you to Accept Graff and you probbably dont. Maby you only like legal comissioned Graffiti But its not the same as the Illegal side. illegal graffiti is a show of courage and talent A. you bomb the highest riskiest or craziest spot B. you have the skill to get your peice done and looking good bfore the Dogs turn up. No dis to legal graffiti

      Borin Im sure you like many others like the comissioned graffiti and accept this as urban art, but see tags throw ups and stickers as vandalism. let me tell you something as an experienced writer. you may have a “legal” writer but at one point in time he was a young teen out to get rep doing illegal ( because its how we all start out ) but what im tying to say is you dont get one without the other.

      and If you think us vandals dont have any respect well your wrong thers an un writen law amunkst us do not bomb: churches houses places of worship monuments cemetarys or hotels and any writer who does bomb these is a “toy” an unrespected obnoxious or unskilled writer.

      Sorry to rant on but another thing is, most of us dont paint for the community or public people its for our selves and the writers community, you are welcome to speculate but at the end of the day we dont give a shit what you think its for us and how we can express our selves through that paint or ink.

      if you are interested on the history or want to know more
      watch style wars on youtube
      Grope KMG

  13. Phal says:

    I sometimes retouch my photos with Adobe PS. Basically I limit it to color or exposure adjustment. So I am not a strong believer in retouching. But I feel HDR give exaggerated and unnatural impressions.

    And yeah, graffiti is annoying but here it looks artistic to me (as the train is in the state of abandon).

  14. Borin says:

    Yeah, I think the trick is to try to make HDR look more natural 🙂

  15. Phal says:

    And honestly I dun even know to generate the effect to make photos that unnaturally beautiful. (T-T)

  16. LiMBiZ says:

    You got nice shoots on railway. I found a few photos very interesting and if you can add more contrast and effect, i can say it the best.

  17. tumnei says:

    Thank for popping in and dropping comment. I gotta learn more how to retouch photos. Though I like my photos to be as natural as possible, I believe that retouch does make a difference.

  18. Nils Henry says:

    Nice pictures,
    I visited the loco shed and repair shop on March2, and found a lot of wrecks, some (8) beautiful French steam engines (Pacific type 2C1) and surprise, surprise ! 2 new Chinese diesel engines (No BB 1020 + BB 1021). stored there since 2004 and not used because too heavy with 15 tons axle weight. the only shining and bright equipment. and for 100 kms max speed!!!
    Same day the Australian Minister of Transport visited the shed.
    Does anybody if the contract with the Australian company “Tool” ? is signed as reported by Phnom Post in October 2008.
    Ask for pictures via

  19. hussain says:

    is this the museum or are these trains yet functioning?

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