Caltex Near Sydney Market Gone

Posted: January 17, 2009 in Photos, This & That
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A little bit surprised to learn that Caltex Gas Station nearby Sydney Super Market was grounded. I am not sure of the reason, but I guess probably it is cleared for the back entrance of the Council of Ministers Office located right behind it.


More than expected, I found that we can go up to the top of many buildings in Phnom Penh just by simply climbing up. I means they are opened to anyone. The above photo was taken from the top of a building in front of Sydney Market.

  1. The new council of ministers building is almost done. That’s fast.

  2. stockcam says:

    It is another developed spot of PP. Hey, but what kind of those buildings that are open to anyone to climb up?

  3. Phal says:

    Mongkol, yeah it is very fast as it is council of ministers!!

    Stockcam, Oh they are just old apartments built during French colonial period where lotta of people living together. They share the same stairs, that why it is not restricted to only people living there. Of course, for some buildings we cannot get to the top.

  4. yasky says:

    Are you trying to include the sydney sign, the council of minister building, and the caltex station all in one photos? I see that these spots are on the very edges of your photos.

    By the way, the new building looks too complicated to me, what kind of architecture it is? Chinese? Khmer or simply 21st century architect?

  5. c.sokun says:

    Not sure may be Caltext willing to shutdown it operations in Cambodia or the excellencies afraid of fire break out and burn them alive cuz “most high ranking” they did a lot of good will to the people 😀 not another incident by lightning stright or something lol.

  6. Samphors~* says:

    OMG!!! It’s gone!!!

  7. YeNG says:

    What is the site for after Caltex?

  8. tumnei says:

    Yasky, Yeah I want to tell the story with a piece of photo. Sometimes, it can tell a lotta more than words.

    Kun, I guess Caltex has no choice but to close its operation there (not its whole operation).

    Phors, It is very close to your house, rite.

    Yeng, I think nothing is gonna be built there. It is was simply cleared, as it blocks the Council of Ministers at the rear side.

  9. BCTor says:

    Well, the new buliding for the council of ministers is hug comapre to old one

  10. I could tell a bit of that. According to this unknown source, an IT building for the ministry is going to pull up in that area, Caltext used to be. You won’t be able to cross 122 road from that end, though.

    Anyway, I am quite proud of that building, even it’s loaned from Chinese money and probably designed by Chinese but does not mean the totally work is done by Chines without Khmer’s contribution. There is a limit time that Cambodian government is paying back the money. Oh, trust me, it looks not that bad.

    Sometime, have a little faith in your own country is wiser.

    Bro, I am trying to figure out which building you were standing to take this shot. How about come to my house one day and have another shot when the whole construction completed?

  11. Tumnei says:

    Hahah. Have no idea how it does look from your house, but I figure it would look closer and different as your house is located at another side. It is an honour to be there, hehe. And yeah thank you for sharing the inside stories. Time will confirm that.

  12. Yes, you will be able to see different picture from my house position. I could see the whole building from where I stood on the top of my house. I am serious that I would have you at my house and take the picture. Will arrange that for sure if time was at my hand. 😉

  13. Sopheak says:

    I also suspect what will be the next buildings after Caltex?

  14. Tumnei says:

    Sis, thank for that. Sounds like it gives a good view from your place. Let me have a look when there is any special event there, hehe. (^0^)

    Sopheak, I am sure that it is not gonna be any kind of Caltex renovation anyway. Oh BTW, I have just checked in your auntie’s Arunras Hotel less than an hour ago. Now I am at the nearby photo shop when I can check my mails.

  15. YeNG says:

    Ah, Sopheak and Arunreas? Sounds so familiar… Ehe…

  16. Sopheak says:

    To Yeng: I am sure, you clearly know who I am.
    To Tumnei: It’s seems to me that you have chance to travel alot. That sounds interesting.

  17. Tumnei says:

    Sopheak, I probably I have even met or seen you, as it is very likely that you attended the wedding reception of Yeng’s brother of whom I was a best man.

  18. Sopheak says:

    Ah, I did attend Yeng’s bro wedding but I didn’t realize that you are his best friend. So nice to know you then even I don’t know your face. Cheer >_<

  19. STARFiSH says:

    I agree with Phossdey, the building doesnt look that bad, and I quite like it, though it’s a little hard to relate the design to Khmer architectural style, but heck i was told at school that whatever build in Cambodia is Cambodian style, then again, it’s not always a true statement though, i think it’s more like a lame excuse to get away with your bad design. But sometimes the Khmer architectural style or whatever you called it, may not be able to see in our bare eyes, sometime the architect have blended the idea in to their design concept rather than displaying it on the exterior facade, like the circulation, the use of space, the materials, and etc… so i would appreciate this building more if i was designed with this idea in mind and not just a made in China design to be built in Cambodia while ignoring the climate, the culture, and of course our Cambodia architectural style.

  20. wow! it is so suprise to see Caltex disappear!
    I have no pride at all with this building as a Cambodian!!

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