Got Dusts on Your Camera Sensor?

Posted: February 18, 2009 in Photography

If you are using D-SRL camera with multiple lenses, chance that dusts get on your camera sensor is likely very high. I was sort of terrifying when I learnt at the first time that I got dusts on my camera sensor. I went to a few camera dealers and repair shop asking for about sensor cleaning service. To my surprise, a shop at the back of Lux cinema charged me as high as 70 bucks while Lom Or Thmei near Central Market would do it with just 25 bucks. As in my case, the dusts appear only when I shoot bright subject such as blue sky, so I decided to wait for a while.

Actually before seeking the service I tried to dust off with blower after simply removing lens. Not surprisingly, it did not make any difference. As later I learned that the sensor is blocked by shutter curtain, I consulted the camera manual and gave myself another try. So here are the steps.

  1. Find a place free from dust. (If you do not want more dusts on your senor after cleaning.)
  2. Fully charged the battery as reliable power source is needed to turn on the mirror lock-up.
  3. Remove the lens and turn the camera on.
  4. Turn mirror luck-up on.
  5. Press shutter-release button all the way down to raise shutter curtain.
  6. Use blower to remove dust.

To thoroughly clean the sensor, it requires many more steps. But the above steps is what considered safe by manufacturers and what you should restrict to. If you make a mistake and damage the senor, you will cry your eyes out, since replacing the sensor will cost you as much as buying a new camera. Therefore, let’s leave the complicated steps to authorized repair facility. (I am not sure if there is one here.)

PS: It works in my case; however it is your own responsibility when you decide to clean the sensor following these steps.

  1. yasky says:

    In my canon 450D, there is a function for sensor cleaning, by activating this function after removing lens, the shutter curtain and mirror are lock up expose the sensor for cleaning, it’s quite easy since you don’t have to hold down the shutter button. Then just the bellow dust blower pump a few shot on the sensor it become clean.

    But most of the case the automatic cleaning system in the camera would work.

  2. tumnei says:

    Good for you that your camera has the automatic sensor cleaning mechanisms. Sadly Nikon D80 does not come with this useful function.

  3. ThaRum says:

    Same happening here with mine. Almost at the same time. It turned I have to pay $25 for the service as I have been very busy with other things to look into this do-it-yourself.

  4. tumnei says:

    It took me only a few minutes to do it, though I had done some searches to make sure that it is a safe thing to preform for such a newbie like me.

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