My Favourite Place, My Favourite Beer

Posted: February 21, 2009 in My Life, Photos
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Saying it is my favourite place, I cannot recall when it was my last time to be there. Maybe it was six months ago, less or more. Elsewhere probably is not the best watering hole in Phnom Penh, but for me it is the best place to just have a drink and chat with friend until when we feel it time to go home. I don’t have much trouble in choosing my drink, as long as there is Beer Lao on the list.

090221beerlaoEXIF: 30 Sec, f/3.9, ISO:100, Flash did not fire

090221elsewhereEXIF: 8 Sec, f/3.6, ISO:100, Flash did not fire

  1. BCTor says:

    people seemed to like beer Lao but I don’t know about it taste. This particular place seemed very ambient.

  2. Kenno says:

    I heard so good things about Beerlao from people who tried it. It’s very difficult if not impossible to find it here. But, I’ll wait till April when I go to Cambodia. 🙂 I’m gonna try all the beers you posted in the blog.

    By the way, where is this place at? Do you wanna go for a drink sometimes?

  3. tumnei says:

    BCTor, try it when you can find one. Hope you like it too.

    Kenno, April is coming soon. The bar is located along St. 51 not far way from the Independence Monument. I am just a social drinker, cannot drink much, but it would be my pleasure to go for a drink and talk with you.

  4. Elsewhere! I remember the first time you suggested the place I kept not understand why you did not just put the name of the place straight away but twice telling me it’s elsewhere! hahahaha … I love the place. I went back again after I was there with you for the first time. I also brought back this memory Ginger Ale which was Bang Heng’s drinks! Does he still remember the drinks? lolzzzzzzzz

  5. Samphors~* says:

    Hahaha.. i remember that time lolz… the picture looks quite more beautiful than its real place 😀

  6. I also like your favorite srovirng product!

  7. tumnei says:

    I guess Heng will remember that for the rest of his life. haha. But unfortunately I have never met him after he got married.

    Are you saying that I am trying to exaggerate its beauty, Phors? just kidding.

    ខេមរអធិរាជ្យ, is that you like BeerLao too?

  8. Sivleng says:

    Hi Phal, it seems you are doing the advertisement haha …. sounds great though

  9. borin says:

    The thing i hate about that place is mosquitos after the dark

  10. tumnei says:

    Thank for dropping by, Sivleng. If I am doing advertising, it is not a paid job. Have you ever been there? BTW, have not met you for ages.

    Borin, mosquito coil and fan did kept those insects away, at least on the day I went there. At my place there are lots of mosquitoes recently. They are sucking me just right now, though I have burned a coil.

  11. Srovirng Lao is delicious! I like it!

  12. Samphors~* says:

    I am saying your cam is good hehehe…

  13. tumnei says:

    ខេមរអធិរាជ្យ, I have tried to figure out what you want to say but I can clueless what is Srovirng you are referring too.

    Phors, so you are not saying I am NOT good at it. It is the camera that matters, rite? 😆

  14. Cambodia says:

    I never taste Beerlao. is its taste delicious?

  15. Samnang says:

    The place is quite romantic and natural but we need to remember that mosquitoes are increasing now by great numbers, Lolz.

  16. tumnei says:

    Cambodia, Beerlao is neither hard to find here nor expensive. Try to get one and test it someday.

    Samnang, do you have any idea why there are so many mosquitoes recently?

    ខេមរអធិរាជ្យ, is that Srovirng=ស្រវឹង?

  17. ប្រាកដហើយ!​ខ្ញុំប្រើពាក្យស្រវឹងសំដៅដល់ផលិតផលដូចជា​ស្រាបៀរ។ល។

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