Sunset in Phnom Penh

Posted: February 26, 2009 in Photos
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  1. Those are really excellent shots. May I know what kind of lens you use?

  2. tumnei says:

    They were taken with AF-S DX VR Zoom-NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G. This cheap plastic lens does its job decently. It can produce some nice portraits as well.

  3. ពិតជាស្អាតមែន!

  4. Sopheak says:

    Great shoting!

  5. duongchan says:

    Beautiful! I also love taking pictures. Maybe you are kind enough to give some tips if possible 🙂

  6. Daravuth says:

    How beautiful! good job

  7. borin says:

    Hmm… Good job! Affording a DSLR is one thing, but affording lenses is another. I am stuck with the kit lens for a year before i got my hand on another cheap lens. The dream lens is still untouchable with the amount of money I earned. kekeke. But I guess some time cheap lens also does it job.

  8. Another master piece from Mr. Chea! lolzzzzzzz

  9. tumnei says:

    Thank all the complements. I take them all. kekek.

    Duongchan, I am just an amateur, but I am happy to share what I know.

    Borin, I agree that some cheap glasses do its job well, but to great extent I still think the you-get-what-you-pay-for adage is quite true. Hope someday I can try some high-end glasses. haha

    Sis, masterpiece? Come on, not yet. heeheh.

  10. borin says:

    Shiloutte picture often look great because our eyes can’t see the color and the shadow that way.

  11. borin says:

    The good this is your composition! Layer, shun behind the building with the patterned hand rail bar! keke My english is getting worse everyday.

  12. borin says:

    Eh don’t point your camera at the sun too much, keke i will burn your sensor. Have you ever heard of that? especially the point & shoot camera where the sensor is left exposed to the focus of the sunlight all the time.

  13. tumnei says:

    I just happened to know the technique is called contre-jour, French words for ‘against daylight,’ or simply referred as backlighting.

    I know that pointing straight to the sun can damage the lens. I try to limit it to just sunset or sunrise. Thought I cap my lenses with UV filters, I am not sure how much it can protect the lenses.

  14. Sothy says:

    This is amazing Phal. I love both of them. You are such a talented photographer. You always show something interesting, new, and creative. I love your work. Sothy

  15. borin says:

    I guess the UV protection filter doesn’t help much. Pointing camera to the sun is like we use magnifying glass to focus sun light to burn some thing (When I was young I like playing this a lot), but the camera lens provide much better focusing than the magnifying glass that is why it destroy the sensor faster. keke

    Luckily the sun set and sun rise do not have enough heat to burn the sensor. 🙂

  16. tumnei says:

    Sothy, I still have much to learn to catch up with you, though I have much better ideas about exposure during the last six months after I got my DSRL.

    It is likely that it is OK to point the camera against sun as long as we keep the exposure time short. But as I said at this time of moment, I limit it to just sunset and sunrise. Will try to with stronger source of light, when I have plenty of $$ at my disposal. kekeke.

  17. Samnang says:

    This is really cool. You can use it as a post card.

  18. DaravuthKEU says:

    Nice shot!!! Good resource for photography technique!!!

  19. Oh yes, agree with Bang Nang.

    You see, bro why I call it as a master piece because one day I am going say this “Oh, this famous photography is actually done by someone I know” lolzzzzzz

  20. tumnei says:

    Samang and sis, you guys have to buy them, if those photos get into postcards. I cant think of who will buy them. kekeke. But I am glad that you love it.

    Daravuth, a good resource of photography technique? I have no idea that I have blogged about it. I just simply post my photos. Yet, if you can learn sth from that, it is great.

  21. For sure, I will, bro!

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