Kampong Thom From Top

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Photos
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As Kampong Thom is one of the main target provinces of my workplace, I have been there for one or twice every month for the last four or five years. I have been stayed at Arunras Hotel, the biggest hotel in the province, for no less than a hundred nights in total, yet I had never been to its rooftop until my last trip. Only the two telecommunication towers located in the nearby Department of Post and Telecommunication stand taller than Arunras six-story building. Here are some photos of Steung Sen Provincial Town from the top of the building.

090315kgthom1Overlook Steung Sen river.

090315kgthom2Many wooden houses have changed to concrete, though there are still some remaining traditional wooden houses.

090315kgthom3 National Road No. 6.

090315kgthom4Children Coming back from School by bicycles.

090315kgthom5Sunset in Kompong Thom. I guess the vista would be even much scenic to view from rice field.

  1. Love the one with kids riding bicycle.

  2. Daravuth says:

    Sunset again!!! Nice shot!!!

  3. yasky says:

    I love the kid with bicycle too. Eh, the land scape photo looks hazy.

  4. tumnei says:

    I myself also love that photo.

    Vuth, I am sorry if you are tired of sunset photos. hhaaheh. I will try to get some sunrise photos for you next time. Just kidding. Somehow I love sunrise and sunset, that why I cannot resist my temptation to shoot it when I have a chance.

  5. It doesn’t hurt to love sunset and sunrise, does it?

  6. Daravuth KEU says:

    Generally, i love your photography technique 🙂

  7. Sopheak says:

    Wow, i only recognize the third photo. For the other four photos, I have no idea where the locations are. You must know Kampong Thom well than I do.

  8. tumnei says:

    Sopheak, it is because things look different from the top. Next time you should go to the roof and check it out. But I am sure I know rural Kampong Thom better than you. hehe.

    Btw, I also did a little chitchat with your mother there. She asked me how do I know you, but I did not know how to explain her. 😆

  9. Chorn Sokun says:

    fantastic 😉 you make me wonder if I should change my job 😀

  10. tumnei says:

    I guess coding is the only thing that make you stay up late past mid-night. You might even smile back at your pc quietly when your children are sleeping, Kun. Therefore, I think you won’t want anything more than that, my friend. And I am proud of what you are. 😉

  11. Sothy says:

    The children on bikes are amazing. I like the light.

  12. Samphors~* says:

    I am the fourth who likes the kid on the bikes picture.

  13. កេសី says:

    i love the last picture (sunset in Kompong Thom). great shot. keep up the good work.

  14. Jamjam says:

    Just love these shots, I have fond memoeries of Kampong Thom – the post office & the Arunas hotel was just so cheap!!
    8PM in the evenings & so quiet love it

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