Sun-baked Clam លៀសហាល

Posted: March 17, 2009 in Photos, This & That


I am not sure if “sun-baked clam” is the right words for it. I used to eat it when I was young, but I have never consumed it in the last ten years, and never in my life tried the one with chilli. I am wondering if any barang has the gut to savor it.

The photo was taken in front of a primary school in Siem Reap.

  1. Well, if only the money has not been in that … hehehe

  2. tumnei says:

    Forget about the hygiene, if you are thinking of tasting it, sis. Even though the money is not on it, I dun recommend it to person whose stomach is not strong enough.

  3. yasky says:

    Yeah the money look ugly! Hmm… Hygiene? I think just to try, it is ok. But you can’t eat that regularly.

  4. Oops! Look dirty with the banknote and chilly!

  5. vuth says:

    My stomach is made in Japan so i am able to try it 😀 លៀសហាល, អំពិលទំ, បាយកក .. Yummy !!!

  6. tumnei says:

    Yeah it look dirtier with the banknotes, but even without it there are already countless of bacterium. I think the money does make much difference.

    Vuth you are wrong. Stomach made in Japan is the weakest. It cannot even stand with Cambodian ice or fresh veggies. But if it is made in Cambodia, it is much stronger. hhaha.

  7. Japanese stomach should match with shushi….

  8. Well, I’ve been with this website almost 1 month ago. I can see that most of your good pics attract my sense to look your website once you update it.

    As everyone say above about Sun-baked Clam លៀសហាល, I like it but not often that I eat because I have to think about my health.


  9. vuthcam says:

    hehe… I should get Cambodian-made stomach spare part then 😀

  10. tumnei says:

    Oh, I miss sushi so much.

    Hi Samneang. Thank for keeping eyes on my blog. Are your a programmer. Sorry that I cannot really understand what you are writing on your blog.

    Vuth, your stomach was made in Cambodia, wasn’t it. -:)

  11. lolzzzz that’s funny, bro! Anyway, good news! I don’t eat it at all. But my whole family do (except my twin) … hahahahaha Sushi!!! I’ve been eating it three times in a row. lolzzzzzzzzz

  12. @tumnei

    Yes, I’m a web developer. haha..!
    most contents in my blog are the interesting code which help me to review or others to use them.

    About sushi! taste Good! 🙂

  13. k.srun says:

    Because of your photos, I catch up learning how to take attractive pictures. I don’t have good camera like you, so I tried with my digital one. Can you give me some tips on how to take beautiful photos?

  14. tumnei says:

    Photography tips? I think if you google it, you would get lots of good tips from professionals. But photography is something about light or exposure. If you are really interested it it, you are better get a camera that give you good control of exposure.

    If you are really serious about it, you may need a decent camera. With about $500 you can get EOS Kiss DIGITAL X, known as EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi in US or EOS 400D in Euroup and Asia with double lens kit. I think it is good for a beginner. BTW, I am not selling you on the hobby that would cost $$$ when you are addicted to. hehhe.

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