Starbucks arrives in Phnom Penh

Posted: March 21, 2009 in This & That
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Thank for globalization, franchised stores have come one right from the other. After the Pizza Company, Swensens, Black Canyon, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), now Starbucks is making its ways to the capital of the Kingdom of Wonder. Its first store will be opened on the ground floor of the Place, a high-end fitness center and eatery establishment. According to the staffers there, the café is opening on the first day of April. Whether the arrival of these franchise chains is good or not is something for heated discussion.


By the way, I just happened to learn that Yejj café nearby Russian Market has been offering coffee using imported Starbucks coffee beans for some years. The price, not surprisingly, is a bit steep. You are expecting to pay 3 to 4 bucks for a mug of coffee.

Update: The above Starbucks is not a franchised store. It is nothing more than a café selling coffee made from Starbucks coffee beans. So don’t be surprised if someday you cannot find the logo there.

  1. Thanks for sharing. Those who are against unfair coffee trade may not be a big fan of Starbucks.

    Wow! We have a Starbucks even before Vietnam.

  2. vuth says:

    1st April is April fool day. Let’s see whether it’s truly opened 😀

  3. tumnei says:

    The coming of Starbucks is really surprising and unexpected.

    Ah, it is the fool day, though it is not likely they are fooling it. Wait and see.

  4. April’s Day isn’t a Cambodian tradition. I don’t think ppl @ the Place have that much time to waste.

  5. Samphors~* says:

    Yay!!! Coolest news ever! Haha… I wonder if there is space for me to sit and sip the hot coffee from the STARBUCK mug 😛

  6. sophat says:

    wow, they will have one more ready-made customer! but 3-4 bucks per cup is too much for the average Cambodian.

  7. So says:

    Globalization or Westernization? or simply modernization? I’m skeptical.

  8. vuth says:

    @So: Globalization and Western + ourselvization 😀 and modernization. Don’t feel doubt. We have to accept what the world accept but still keep our prosperous civilization and that’s it. Never accept the status quo or no serious development takes place in Cambodia.

  9. Mengieng says:

    Located Starbuck near Russian Market! What a smart choice!

  10. tumnei says:

    Hope this globalization or Americanization will not harm the local enterprises, thought as Sophat said, it is still far from the reach of average Cambodians.

    Sorry for making things confused. The Yejj café near Russian market is not Starbucks franchise. They just offering blend coffee made from Starbucks coffee beans. The real Starbucks will be at The Place near the Independence Monument.

  11. Borin says:

    I hope that it is real star buck. In cambodia you can put almost any brand. For example the MK soup, is not related to the original MK soup in Thailand, yet the MK thailand can’t do any thing about it.

  12. They closed down some shops in Australia and now they are opening it in Cambodia. …. hmmm …!!!

  13. […] 22, 2009 by climbingmummy This is really fascinating: Starbucks is coming to Cambodia.  For better or for worse, I can’t even begin to fathom the multitude of implications.  […]

  14. Hopefully it is not going to be bankrupt soon!

  15. Sothy says:

    I never thought that it would come to Cambodia. It is a good thing though since it is a sign telling international investors that Cambodia is safe enough to run a business. I acknowledge that there may be some negative impacts on local businesses such as T&Coffee (which I like to hang out) or Sentiment Cafe, I do think that having more competition would make things cheaper for ordinary people like us. Starbucks would set a standard for a nice and comfortable place should be. Thus, for other coffee shops to be able to compete with Starbucks, they would have to make their places nice and clean. You all may agree with me that some restaurants in Cambodia are dirty. You can see lots of tissues in the floor. Cups, glasses, and plates may not be properly cleaned. You can also see people throw trashes out from their car while driving on a clean road. That hurts when you see things like that. What I mean is that people need to be exposed more to nice, clean, international standard environment.

    Thanks for sharing the picture. Very nice with journalistic style of picture. Keep posting.

  16. It hurts your heart when you see people throw things while driving along the street, but it will hurt your body if the thrown things/rubbishes are hitting you while you are in the street with those guys!

  17. សុវុឌ្ឍី says:

    hehe thanks for sharing this information.

  18. Vannara says:

    Cambodians will now have the privilege of paying for over-priced coffee just like everyone one in the world. Hooray for Globalization!

  19. Komarar says:

    Well… that was so surprising to hear that Starbuck is in Cambodia….

    However, I am just wondering “HOW DARE THEY OPEN STARBUCK WITHOUT A LICENCE?” I’ve just read a Phnom Penh post today stating that this Starbuck in Cambodia has no licence from Starbuck US. They use the logo and trademark of Starbuck surrounded by “The Place does not posseses Starbucks Licence, is not a Starbuck Representative but merely sell genuine Starbuck Coffee bean made coffees.”

    I think I want to open a coffee shop, buy Starbuck coffee bean from Supermarket, and name my shop “Starbuck” also. What you think?

  20. tumnei says:

    Komarar, you are right. Now beyond the question, The Place has not purchased the franchise. It is an unwise idea. Beside the front logo, there are two more Starbucks logos inside. The Place names if “The Cafe,” but its sign and name is nowhere to be found (at least by the time I went there on 21). I guess they would face the infringement of trademarks and intellectual property.

    If you are just want to drink coffee made from genuine Starbucks coffee beans, you dun need to wait until April 1st. It has been available at Cafe Yejj for some years. Cafe Yejj does not use Starbucks logo in front of their shop, though they do put it in their menu.

  21. Samphors~* says:

    Uh oh! That’s quite daring to put the sign without licence.

  22. Samnang says:

    Let’s wait to see the day this Cafe is sued by the real Starbuck!

  23. yasky says:

    I’ve heard that they are not licenced franchise, they justify using the logo because they buy the coffee from starbuck for resale in that place!

  24. yasky says:

    In Cambodia, things can go this way, some time the real owner may loose the case!

    Like the MK soup, the real owner cannot do any thing about it!

  25. yasky says:

    It better be starfcuk

  26. uncle cafe says:

    For your information, this is NOT the real STARBUCKS…..Cambodia is well off their radar in the list of countries they wish to have franchise partners….and also for your information, the beans used in other cafe are using retail beans from Starbucks not the ones they servce at their outlets..Starbucks management are not stupid…so you have warned.
    Have a wonderfool April Fool Day!

  27. divetoblue says:

    Hi, thank you for fun photo. I’m Inhwa from Korea. Since I’m impressed a lot by this photo, I want to ask you that I can take it and post on my blog. (Of course, I will reference this original page.) I’m very interested in Cambodia and people in Cambodia. And I spent 3 months teaching Korean to Cambodia university students at an university located in Phnom-penh. Thank you for information and time.

  28. tumnei says:

    Hi Inhwa. Thanks your for your interests in Cambodia. For sure you can post the picture on your blog,if that you are going to indicate its source. I am very appreciated for your advanced notification of intent.

  29. borin says:

    Cambodian businesses often conduct their business unethically. If you don’t own a starbuck license you should not put the logo there, it is confusing!

    I am thinking of boycotting such business products or services! I think I am going to make a list of such place that I dont go kekek

  30. tumnei says:

    I can’t agree more with you on this matter. I have also also thinking of not going there. It is not much different from cheating the public.

  31. Keren says:

    o.O wat ppls discuss about starbucks? wah, In Canada, Starbucks is not so popular much. And we can find it only in downtown. What ppls most likely to have is Tim Hortons double double cup.

  32. tumnei says:

    Even though Starbucks has lose its market to some local coffee houses and closed hundreds of stores, it is still the biggest and most well-known café chain. I guess not many ppl here know what is Tim Hortons.

  33. Magnus says:

    I wonder then Mcdonalds will open in Cambodia, before there was a MacDonalds in Sihanoukville same same but different ..

  34. tumnei says:

    Hi Magnus. I have never seen or heard of the Mcdonalds in Sihanoukville. Very interesting. Will it came to PNH as well? hehe Thanks for sharing.

  35. Ray says:

    Can anyone tell me , where are starbucks loated ?

  36. A shame says:

    Right now the STARBUCK’s logo were pulling off. Shame on The Place for stealing an interllectual property from Starbuck cafe. Lucky for the place that has not been sued for infringement.

  37. tumnei says:

    Yeah they did remove the logo. Anyone have any idea why it was removed?

  38. A shame says:

    no licence

  39. sovathary says:

    Sorry to use ur picture in my blog, but I made a different topic, personally only. Well, starbucks or no starbucks, so what? Who cares?

    Cambodia is wonderful without those things.

  40. bella says:

    so funny ppl’s income is 59 cent per month and a cup of fucking bitter coffee of starbucks is $4 goddddddddd

  41. Pablo says:

    i want to buy a starbucks coffee mug from cambodia

  42. Chav An Chin says:

    i didn’t see the logo at The Place! why?

  43. tumnei says:

    The logo was removed for years. That why you cannot find it.

  44. Rithy and emy says:

    Is’t in Lucky mall have Starbuck too???

  45. Chav An Chin says:

    there are Starbucks’s Cappuccino and espresso at Lukafé!

  46. Por says:

    Until now we haven’t seen any Starbucks store in CAMBODIA at all :((
    Open it here please!!!!!

  47. Hongly says:

    Dear all…Starbucks will happend soon in Cambodia 🙂

  48. Moon Doll says:

    wait to test in pp

  49. SaiGon says:

    There is a starbuck in vietnam now!

  50. Do they have special Cambodia/Phnom Penh mugs there? Where exactly is the Starbucks located at?

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