Do you complain about your food?

Posted: March 23, 2009 in Photos, This & That
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When you are poor, as long as you have enough food to ease your hunger, are you going complain about hygiene? I think it is not what you care much about if you can get it cheaply. Just less than 10 minute by car or motorbike from main roads where increasing luxurious cars run, thousands of people are trying to live cheaply but unhealthily.


The above photo was taken in September 2008 at Tuol Chey slum overlooking Steng Meanchey dumping site during my visits for a small survey on children situation there. If I dun remember wrongly, the seller did not even try to keep those flies away. But I sometimes think that it still better than some food that even flies do not dare to come close due to the use of chemical substance.

  1. vuth says:

    Buddha blesses me!!! Too many flies are tasting the fishes before us !!!

  2. Special promotion! Buy one fish, offer a hundred flies free of charge!

  3. bctor says:

    personal and food handling hygiene are very important for us if we don’t want to catch any sickness or food poisioning. I strongly support authority in crack down on unsafe food handling in market and restaurant.

  4. Samphors~* says:


  5. Samnang says:

    Same things happen to Sach Krork and food cooked in restaurants. Unless we have quality or hygience inspection, you’ll end up eating food in above classification, whether you are rich or poor, except home-made one!

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