Trading off Lenses

Posted: March 31, 2009 in Photography
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This evening I accompanied my friend to purchase a camera. We checked two shops near Central Market, Lom Or Thmei and Sabbay Nash. He had considered Nikon D60 and Canon EOS 450D. Though I am a Nikonian, I recommended him the latter. I do love my D80; however, comparing their specification I felt Canon EOS 450D is better. And yeah its price was a bit higher too. At Sabbay Nash the Canon EOS 450D with 18-55 lens kit cost him US$630. Additional 8G SD, filter and case emptied his pocket extra $20, $5, and $10 respectively.

I did not go there with any intention to make any purchase. However, by chance someone had sold a used AF-S DX VR Zoom-NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED to the shop. With this lens I do not need to switch between my AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED and AF-S DX VR Zoom-NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED. Out of nowhere I came up with the idea of trading off the lenses. After testing a few shots, I know I want to have this lens. With only naked eyes you can tell that the lens have been used for years, but still I need to add some extra $$ after giving them my two lens that have been used less than a year. Was it the right decision?

090331lens Testing the lens. Checking his first DSLR

  1. Daravuth says:

    Well, i am considering to get one DSLR camera too. I feel really disappointed to buy the Sony H10 whose functions are like the normal tour digital camera. I am thinking of Nikon D40. D40X and D80. The price according to it functions is critical. I am seriously focusing on D40 since i have read many good reviews about it and the most is I am affordable for it while others two’s price seems to be too high for me. Avoiding desperation after buying, i think i need to spend months to decide which the best one is, for me.

    Any suggestions for me?

  2. tumnei says:

    When it comes to computer or camera, Sony is excluded from my list regardless how sleek it may look. It is true that D40 is pretty affordable, but it is usually said, “You get what you pay for.”

    With just about $400, I guess you can get it with a 18-55 lens kit. I have never touched the D40. However, after having a glance over its specification, I think if you are really serious about photographing you better keep your money for awhile. Save up your money for a little bit higher level. And do not forget that lenses will burn your money faster than the body. Photography is not really a cheap pastime. hehe.

  3. Well recommended, bro!

    Anyway, I never knew Sambath is keen with photography!

    What I reckon with your trading is always a thing you can learn from. Isn’t it?

  4. borin says:

    How much did you pay for in addition to your two lenses? What about the Aperture on the 18-200 and that Stabilizer?

    Few days ago, I got my hand on a Canon EOS 5dMkII, it make me wanna throw my 450D away keke. The noise @ 6400ISO is almost the same as 400ISO in my 450D! More it can go further, Do you know any ISO faster than 6400? the camera can go for H1, H2 which I dont know how fast it is. Unfortunately that guy spend 7000$ for the body and a lens! May be I wait another 10years to get that :D.

    One of the thing I love a bout DSLR it’s the RAW format? You’ll never wanna shoot in JPG again after a taste of raw!

    I have an idea! If most cambodian photographer can share may be we don’t have to spend much on that lenses. Build a website or forum, where every one of us, can share lenses or rent for little money daily rate. For special event, or trip! That way we dont have to buy lens we don use often!

  5. Daravuth says:

    Good idea, borin!!! We should have a website or forum to discuss and share everything related with photography like many sites in Vietnam… They share technique, camera reviews, sell, rent some accessories..

  6. tumnei says:

    Sis, you are right. He is much keener on automobile than camera. He got just some extra bucks to spare. Haha just kidding. He is learning now.

    Borin, the Aperture is 3.5 at 18 mm and 5.6 at 200mm. It is built with VR II. I paid extra $85. But there is no lens hood and cap (They gave me a sigma lens cap to replace.) As long as the lens works well, I think it worthwhile. Sometime, the lens produces sort of weird focusing sound, though the AF S Incorporating a Silent Wave Motor.

    Nikon D3x share similar price tag of 5D Mk II. For me, possessing high-end DSLR is barely a daydream. haha. I have started shooting in RAW too now. Basically I do not shoot with ISO higher than 400, though D80’s highest ISO Hi1 is 3200. D80 noise reduction is not real good. I think people are not willing to share their lenses if they dearly love them. It happens to me that people I know here are using Canon not Nikon. I want to try fast prime lens after seeing some photos taking with those lenses.

  7. Vanna says:

    Recommend me one, I’m considering jumping into DSLR’s world by Nikon D5000 and Canon 500D 🙂

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