Freshie Boys & Girls Contest 2009

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Portrait
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A photography acquaintance invited me to snap photos of Freshie contest 2009. I have never been to such TV contest or even live music. It’s just that I am not a fan of it. But when it comes to shooting, it is another story, though in general I prefer outdoor shooting. So without hesitation, I concurred with the invitation.

At last we were able to turn up at the final contest on 30 March at Old Stadium, the place where I have never set my foot on, after the 23 March contest that we first planned was cancelled. Undoubtedly, photos of Freshie Girls outnumbers the Boys. (^_^)

Freshie Girl 2009 G3, the winner of Freshie Girl Session 8, 2009.

For more photos please click here.

  1. សុវុឌ្ឍី says:

    wow this girl is very pretty

  2. Indeed she appears so alive! Such a new experience for you, bro.

  3. Daravuth says:

    She’s beautiful but her hands seems to be too big 😀

  4. borin says:

    Wat do you do with light? Pump up ISO? I am sure the F3.5 is not enough under that light

  5. tumnei says:

    វុធនិយាយចឹងអត់ខ្លាចម្ចាស់គេខឹងទេហ្វី? 😀

    I raised the ISO to 400, and as the focal length is 200, the minimum aperture is 5.6. However as the light was bright the speed of 1/160 or 1/200 was slow enough to produce decent photos.

  6. Daravuth says:

    ញុំយាយតាមឃើញតើ៎, គាត់ក៏ដឹងខ្លួនគាត់ដែរមើលទៅ ហេហេ..តែសុំសរសើរញុំឃើញ​គាត់ ញុំចង់លង់ដែរហ្នឹង!! អាលូវយករូបហ្នឹងធ្វើ វ៉លផេផឺ ហើយ ហេហេហ..

  7. tumnei says:

    ​ញុំថាដូចជាមិនធំទេ តែប្រហែលវុធ​ពូកែរមើលជាញុំ។​ចឹងប្រសិនបើ​ចង់​បានអា​ទំហំធំជាងនឹង​ញុំផ្ញើអោយ។​ ហេហេ​
    ថតបានជាង​២០០​ប៉ុសដែរ តែខិ្ចលអាប់លោតណាស់។

  8. Daravuth says:

    ល្អតើ៎កំពុងចង់មើលផង!!! ផ្ញើរតាម ជីម៉ែលមក!!! អរគុណទុកជាមុនណា!!!

  9. Dingdong says:

    I think she shouldn’d get number 1 don’t you think

  10. Tumnei says:

    Though she was not my favorite candidate at the time, what the reason that you think she should have not been selected as the winner?

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