My Photos Commercially Reproduced

Posted: April 6, 2009 in My Life
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With a stable job and occasional sideline freelance jobs, I did not enter photography with the purpose of earning extra bucks. Simply it is nothing more than a hobby or pastime. However, I neither expected my work to be commercially used. I have just learnt that some pieces of them have been reproduced, and at least of them for commercial benefit, without my permission and acknowledgement. Below are two of them.

090406myphoto1 I was not able to confirm who is the creator and intention of the above poster. However, I have tried to convince myself that it is not staffer of the Place who did it. Hence, it is impossible to say the poster is commercially reproduced, as someone might do it just for fun. I am trying to believe the latter. I found this poster through a comment link at Sovuthy’s blog. Click here for original photo.

090406myphoto2 I found this big-size poster (at the right site of above photo) at PBC bookstore, built inside former Bassac Theatre in front of National Assembly. The idea of having bookstore there, to me, is quite unacceptable (read more at Sopheak’s blog). But anyway, nothing is impossible HERE. The poster only deepened my negative impression toward the bookshop. The photo of Independence Monument at the bottom of the poster is unmistakenly mine. Click here for original photos.

  1. សុវុឌ្ឍី says:

    That fake starbucks poster, i just talked with one who made it (My friend in Facebook). He just graduated from Japan majoring in designing. More important, he added me that he just copied the original pic from someone and did that poster by his own. And hope he does not use this poster as commercial.

  2. borin says:

    That happen to me too! once a local magazine published my photo without my permission! original here:

    This is how education in Cambodia teach us: Plagiarism is OK!

    How do you expect any change in future generation?

  3. k.srun says:


  4. This is unacceptable!

  5. Samphors~* says:

    Beyond speechless @_@

  6. Daravuth says:

    No-copyright is what always exists in Cambodia. You should try to confirm who did it and warn him to obey the copyright law 🙂 I think he could use it if he was permitted or he listed your name anywhere on what he designed.

  7. tumnei says:

    Sovuthy, thank you for your clarification. So my thought was correct.

    Borin, magazines in Cambodia use countless of unlicensed materials, especially photos. I dun expect changes to happen soon.

    k.srun, thank for you advice. 今のところは複写防止を対策するつもりがないですが・・・

    Vuth, it is very likely that it is the work of the bookstore or printing house.

  8. Piseth says:

    Doing business in here, just like fire fighting. The businessmen can do anything because there is no much compulsary to obey the law. One more thing maybe the one who made poster found him or herself difficult to ask permission or acknowlegement from you or maybe they just thought mendo kusai ,just make thing simple. But If i were you i would feel happy that your products are good enought to be on commercial poster. correct me if I am wrong.

  9. Sothy says:

    It does look like yours. But I wonder if they have a bigger resolution picture to make that big poster. It must be so unclear if they copied a picture from your blog. What do you think?

  10. tumnei says:

    Piseth, I think it is just that they have never asked for permission before using such a materials so far, so why they care to ask for it this time. They just feel they dun have to do so, I guess. Am I happy? It is sort of mixed feeling.

    Sothy, first I just wondered. So I took the photos to check it at home. The cars on the streets are exactly the same. They might get it from my flickr where I uploaded a bigger size.

  11. Bunlin says:

    សួស្តី តើសុខទុក្ខយ៉ាងណាដែរនិង ?

  12. ThaRum says:

    A journalism student friend of mine once joked that: You’ve got copyrights, I’ve got right to copy. LOL.

    This is a joke only. Not that I endorse it. I have no doubt that many of us Internet users/content producers/ will find a way to make this situation better.

  13. Diana Saw says:

    Our bags are copied all the time, mostly by none other than former staff members. But it is not just Cambodia. An Australian customer who runs a bakery in Sydney tells me the bakery down the road copies her bun designs too. I’ve come round to thinking imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and that the only way to compete is to innovate and build on brand. But it’s not an option for IP like photos. Can you call up the owner and discuss? You may get him to agree to some sort of fee if you point out that stealing your work only creates negative publicity for his/her business, especially if he/she is trying to build a business of international standards.

  14. tumnei says:

    Hi Diana Saw. Thank you for dropping comment. At the time being, I think the law enforcement here is still too weak to bring a fair settlement. But I believe it would somehow bring the image or reputation of the company down, if more and more people know about such sort of improper deed.

  15. វណ្ណ says:

    It’s painful to have your work been stolen… i used to go through that same feeling, but lucky me i made them pay when i found out who did it. he, he…

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