Future of Boeung Kak Lake

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Photos, This & That
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Whether you are for or against the development project of Boeung Kak lake by Shukaku Inc., I guess in a year or two the lake will become just a thing in the past. Unfortunately I could not find my way to the beach made by the sand pumped into the lake by the company. It is true that water in the lake is polluted by the people settled around the lake. However, I wish the lake would be developed into a park not another housing area. I still remember that when I was a small kid, there was even a zoo there. Phnom Penh needs greenness more than concrete, as now its air is so polluted and filthy.

The first three photos were taken from Lazy Fish Guest House and Restaurant located a few meters from the man-made beach, and the last three photos were taken from the roof-top restaurant of Grand View Guest House.

090412bk01 Boeung Kak is also the heaven for backpackers, offering cheap accommodation and foods. You can find from Indian curry to Italian pasta here.

090412bk02In the background: New Building of Council Ministers, Phnom Penh’s Railway Station and the man-made beach.

090412bk03Father and son catching fish in the lake.

090412bk04The beach sandwiched by typical houses with zinc roofs and the building of Council of Ministers

090412bk05The beach increases its size day by day as sand pumped into.

090412bk06If I am not wrong the other end is Tuol Kuk area. It is an HDR Photo.

PS: The view of sunset from the rooftop must be very great if the cloud was not thick. Not sure if I have chance to go there again before it disappears from this earth. The other day when I was at the nearby 9 Guest house, the sunset was so breathtaking. Check the photo here

  1. borin says:

    Actually I don’t this this project makes any economic sense at this time, with the world facing economic crisis, Cambodia has it own problems, the real estate bubble has already burst, I don’t think any Cambodian can afford to buy a new apartment in that area! The cost of filling up this lake, the cost of building new routes for water to escape, would make this project economically impossible. This is just my observation.

    Yet, the project is running, there must be a reason! kekek

  2. Phossdey Sambo says:

    This is very sad.

  3. Samphors~* says:

    Yeah, I totally agree that cambodia needs to me greener and not more concrete. No more air to breath now LOL… Let’s pray and hope they would change their mind ^_^

  4. Eddy says:

    Very very sad, that lake was amazin very fond memories, has the lake gone now then??

  5. Sophon says:

    I think this is a disgrace to the leaders of Cambodia. Don’t they think that is is enough that the genocide happened and people are still to this day trying to get their lives back together. My parents were lucky enough to be brought to Unites States and I know my mom’s family is struggling over there. People to this day do not realize that the amount of people being pushed from their homes aren’t just in double digits. It is amazing how they can just go on with their lives in their fancy cars while children are left to dig in trash to find food. Even so, what about the damage that they are doing to the lake. They are dumb not to think that they are not going to cause a chain reaction!

  6. Kevin Khmer says:

    This is a perfect exampleof corruption in Cambodia. While the government and rich companies fill up the lake to make money, they brutally demolish Cambodian houses and displace hundreds of people. Also, they are demolishing a way of life that you cannot find in any other city. I am saddened and furious because of this. The lake is beautiful. I’m pretty sure that even if it is toxic, many of you woulkd prefer the government to spend money on cleaning it up instead of filling it up and placing ugly concrete high rises!

  7. Daniel says:

    I thing they should fill it in and make a park. All great cities have beautiful park lands.
    Never happen though with the greed and corruption, all they care about is making more money.
    You claim to be Buddhists you should be ashamed of yourselves, the only thing your good at is lying, extorting and cheating people. You know who you are and your all going to hell.

  8. Daniel says:

    It’s not important that children have to dig in the trash for food. The government has more important things to do with their time, like make laws about having tint on your car windows to block the sun. How dumb can you get.
    How about making a law that all children have to go to school, no that law wouldn’t make the government any money.
    Without poor dumb people in the country no one would be left to elect the CPP aka former Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese.

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