Phnom Penh After Rain

Posted: April 25, 2009 in This & That
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I bet you don’t want to go around in Phnom Penh after a heavy rain regardless of whatever your vehicle is- be it a Lexus or Honda Cub. The traffic is very frustrating and move slower than walking. It might take you more than two hours to reach a destination that normally takes you less than 10 minutes. If you are on motorbike, let’s pray you will not walk the bike in return through the water.

I wasted my whole afternoon because of the rain. Here are some photos from yesterday evening. I guess some places are worse than this.
Phnom Penh After Rain 1 On St. Nehru, about 100m from Depor Market.

Phnom Penh After Rain 2 Taken from third floor of an under-construction building in Borei Keila.

Phnom Penh After Rain 3 A man trying to bring up his falling motorbike along St. 211.

  1. Samphors~* says:

    I miss PP hehe…

  2. Daravuth says:

    When i was in Cambodia, although many lakes were still lakes, it flooded when the heavy rain came. But now lakes have been filled, i guess the condition will deteriorate 😦

    PS: shh!!! i used to swim with my motobike on many Hanoi Boulevards too fews months ago 😀

  3. borin says:

    I was stuck too! this morning I have to deal with dirty water inside my car. I have a post about that too, buy my photos was not good enough, because I don’t have the gut to get out of my car to take some photos. I took them from inside the car.

  4. Never get better, will it?

  5. tumnei says:

    Phors, are you missing the flood or just only Phnom Penh when it is not flooded. hehe

    Daravuth, did you refer to Hanoi road in Phnom Penh or some street in Hanoi?

    Borin, I was on motorbike. I got stuck near Borei Keila, so I walked around. The second photo was taken from the third floor of an under-construction building. If you photo is not good enough, your article is.

    Sis, it is getting worse now. Thank to the not-properly-planned development.

  6. Daravuth says:

    Actually, i refer to some streets in Hanoi!! 🙂

  7. tumnei says:

    Actually there is a four-kilometer road named Hanoi in Phnom Penh Thmey. It was a controversial one as many houses were bulldozed for the construction.

  8. ទីក្រុង​ដែល​ជាប់​ចំណាត់​លើលេខ​១

  9. Magnus says:

    Nice to see that evrything is as normal in PP 😉

    After the rain

  10. duongchan says:

    When will someone(os lok) care about city planning?

  11. When their houses are inundated, Os Lok may start to care about it, but still not sure if they gotta do so. At the same time, city residents/dwellers need to take care as well. People just throw rubbishes everywehere. This is also a reason why the city got inundated.

  12. borin says:

    This morning I have a debate about this issue with some of my friends at work. I am blaming the authority for failing to deal with this problem. On the other side blame poor and uneducated people for throw away waste that clogged the sewage system.

    My argument are:
    – The authority are to blame, they took government salary to work on this issue, not to tell people that it is because the sewage system is very old. It is their responsibility to renew this, they must ensure the welfare of the people. They cannot blame the weather, blame the old sewage system, blame uneducated people.
    – For waste collection: We’ve paid to a company called cintri. They failed to make the city clean, yet they collect the money every month.

    The other side argument:
    – The authority do their job well, it is because of unpredictable weather. The sewage system is old and clogged.
    – Un educated people is responsible for throwing waster that clogged the system, and make the city look bad.
    – We need all to join together to deal with this issue, people must help.

    So what do you think? Cambodian people (most) have the mindset set to trust the government no matter what they do. Most of Cambodian people never travel to advanced countries where, government is responsible for all these problem. In other word, we never tasted what true quality is. That is why we receive poor services from the authority (never demand better).

    In the end, We don’t need you (authority) to tell me that the sewage system is old, or tell me that yesterday the rain was heavy. I need you to clean the sewage system (ON TIME). Also it is their responsibility to ensure, enough rubbish bin placed for people to dispose of waste, People (both educated & uneducated) don’t have a proper place to dispose of waste.

    Cambodia daily is morning reported we have to wait till March, 2010 for the pumps funded by Japanese to start pumping the water out of the city.

  13. Poor and uneducated people aren’t the only source of the problem. Educated folks are no better. Rich folks may be even worse. I’ve seen countless of them who recklessly litter around the city as well. While the government has a big role, we need a strong will and commitment from all of us (rich and poor, educated and uneducated) to make a difference.

  14. tumnei says:

    If you go to St. 173, you will see drainage catch basins are kept uncovered after the restoration months ago. The basins are pretty big, at least 2 meter squares. If you are not careful, I am sure you can fall into the basin any time. And now everything just get inside, clogging the drainage. Whenever I pass the road, I keep thinking how can they keep it like this for months.

    I agree that bad habits of our residents contribute to the problems, but I think the authority has the role to bring these things in order.

  15. Chorn Sokun says:

    congrat the effort of PP Governor tried to build partition I hope soon we could grow rice just in the middle of the city; nice isn’t it?

  16. That really helps boosting the Cambodian national economy!

  17. tumnei says:

    Maybe someday we can have a big public pool in our city. Wanna swim?

  18. We can also invite international swimming competitors to compete for swimming champion in the big public pool in our city! Cool?

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