Stupa in CDC

Posted: April 29, 2009 in This & That
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Stupa This stupa is inside the Council for the Development of Cambodia. Anybody know who is resting there? Is it true that it’s the ancient site of Wat Lanka?

  1. Oh wow, I have never been inside the place and I have no idea if it is. But I would love to hear more. hehehe

  2. The site could have been part of Wat Phnom before.

  3. tumnei says:

    Sis, hope maybe someone can shed some light on it. hehe.

    Mongkul, that is a good guess.

  4. Considering its proximity to Wat Phnom and all the stupas there, I am quite confident this stupa dated that far back.

    As for Wat Lanka, I believe it’s always been where it is. Who told you that it was here?

  5. csokun says:

    Did you remember Phoum Derichhan in Kampong Chhang? that stupa is Pades bed.

  6. tumnei says:

    Ah, you mean the Barang killed by villagers angered by his vices, don’t you. But why he was put to sleep in a stupa instead of grave with a cross?

  7. csokun says:

    absolutely, remember i work inside CDC for almost 4 years 😉

  8. Wow! Nice job!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh you made a good point, bro. Now, I feel like I used to hear about that Barang. Anyway, where can we search for that story?

  10. tumnei says:

    Kun, when I was there at that time, there was not a soul of your monkey friend. Where were they taken?

    Sis, I could not find that story as well. I cannot even name his exact name. I am glad if someone can share it here.

  11. This one can’t be Felix Bardez’s stupa. According to this Cambodia Daily article, his stupa is in Kampong Chhnang:

  12. tumnei says:

    Thank you for sharing, Mongkol. Is it possible that Bardez got two stupas?

  13. Not that I know of. I suggest we send him an email to clarify that then. 🙂

  14. tumnei, the article about SriLanka was so good,. i may take time to translate it soon..

    i am more believe the stupa is part of old Langka temple! let’s search more on that!

  15. tumnei says:

    That is good that you are trying to make more information available in Khmer for Khmers, Sopheak.

    Now there is no clear explanation about the stupa. Hopefully someone can make it clearer. It is interesting and a part of our history.

  16. Chanroeun says:

    This stupa inside the CDC is really the stupa of Felix Bardez. In fact, there are two stupas (one Kraing Leav village and another one in the compound of CDC) for this French guy.

    The stupa in Kraing Leav village is just a symbol stupa to dedicate to the place where Bardez was killed. I used to visited his stupa in Kraing Leav village 12 years ago when I was a high school student. Now it is in the compound of a Buddhist temple in Kraing Leav. The stupa is quite old and it seems that there is no one take care of it.

    I think the Kompong Chhang governor or the relevant authorities should help preserve that stupa since it is a historical site. It is important to learn from the history and how our people in the old days fought for freedom. Personally, I don’t hate Bardez but his actions.

  17. tumnei says:

    Thank you for sharing the information. So is it true that is was a part of ancient Wat Lanka? Yeah, I agree that such a history site should be well preserved.

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