A Sport Club in Phnom Penh

Posted: May 5, 2009 in Photos, This & That
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An indication of growth of Cambodian middle class.

Sport Club After eight, less than an hour before the closing hour at Phnom Penh Sport Club. The evening rain made it much less crowded than usual.

  1. That looks quite nice. Where is this? Is it expensive to be a member?

  2. Daravuth says:

    It seems to be too luxurious for me, doesn’t it? hhehe in the next fews month, i gonna have to find the gym club in PP too 😀

  3. borin says:

    I go there quite often, it is both expensive and cheap, depend …. It cost $4 per entry for non-member, and you can buy a 10 entries card cost $30 which you can share with friends. The monthly fee for member I don’t know.

    This use to be the VIP club near Chamkarmorn, as I’ve seen same faces there.

    When started to feel sick, then start to find sports keke

  4. borin says:

    Eh about the photo, I feel that the horizon is tilted. At that dark were you using tripod, or simply pumping up the ISO?

  5. I belong to the middle class for more than two decades living in this very corrupted city. Somehow I have never had enough money to enjoy such a luxurious sport club. This sport club seems to mean for the poor not for the middle class like me!

  6. tumnei says:

    Mongkul, It is along the St. 271. I can bring you there, if you cant find it. 😀

    Vuth, yeah it is cheaper to swin at Olympic stadium.

    Borin, the monthly fee is $45 after 10% discount. I was a member there until the end of last month. The photo was taken on my last day. Have no leisure time to be there now.

    I put my camera on a table and used timer to release shutter. I narrowed the aperture to get the affect of lamp lights. EXIF: 30 Sec, f/22, ISO:100. With D80, I can feel the noise with only ISO400.

  7. tumnei says:

    ខេមរអធិរាជ្យ, it is bit hard to define the middle class. But a small amount of our people did get richer, while most of our people at countryside find their living nothing much different from decades year ago. Sadly, the gaps are widened.

  8. Sopia says:

    Hi, Mr. Pal
    Before thank you for your comments to my blogs.
    I read your post sometimes.
    I was so surprised at the cost for 1 month.
    45 dollar? I can’t believe that.
    This gym’s pool looks like the one of the luxurious hotel.

  9. samneang says:

    That’s a nice place but how do you think if we compare it to VIP club?
    I have no experience with that place but I’m a member of VIP club where I can do gym, swim , steam and sonar just pay only $3.5(coupon) once I went there for one time.

  10. borin says:

    That is VIP, the VIP club moved here and changed name keke Because I’ve seen the same people who work for VIP, work here!

  11. tumnei says:

    Hi Sophia, thank for popping in my blog. It is no longer true that the living costs in Cambodia is cheap. Things get expensive year by year.

    Samneang, VIP and PPSC are run by the same owner, and I heard the system and facilitates are pretty the same (I have never been to VIP). It just the facilitates at PPCS is new.

    Borin, I dun think they moved VIP, as VIP is still running 😀

  12. Kenno says:

    This place looks very nice. For the $45 monthly membership fee, what can you do there? Swim, gym, spa, sauna and steam? Comparing to the place I went to steam and sauna in Battambang ($4 per entry), this club looks a lot better.

    I would absolutely join this club when I go back to live in Cambodia. That’s good to know that something like this exists. 🙂

  13. Richard See says:

    Yeah. there is also the CCC that was launched last month- Opposite Northbridge. I think there’s more and more places like this coming up in and around Phnom Penh.

  14. MoniKA says:

    Can you post more of PPSC pictures? Especially the Ping-Pong tables and people that compung playing ping-pong. I really need the picture… Please!

  15. MoniKA says:

    I hope you post more pictures
    : )

  16. tumnei says:

    After i took the photo, I have never been there again, though I plan to do sometimes. I have a few photos more but not of ping-pong tables. I did not take it as the players may feel not so comfortable with camera pointing at them. I can you email some more, if you really need them.

    • MoniKA says:

      Ohh… thanx 4 replying by d way… i noe a person their but ot have that person’s picture n i really miss that person. I wan it but ber don hav jeng ot ey te! that person n i don go their anymore anyways…. Cos I play ping pong there too… n if i see a camera pointing at me i won’t feel comfortable too!! Jeng byebye! Thanx!!!

    • MoniKA says:

      ohhh… then can you email me all of the phnom penh sport club photos by : may7jay7@hotmail.com??? Thanx~!!!!

  17. Phoarn says:

    I want to do exercises with new facilities at the PPSC, but i heard that it’s very expensive there. I checked the website of the VIP club, and the each month membership fee is $35. Is it the same price at PPSC? I can’t say now if it is expensive or a good deal as i do not know what service or what i can do there per entry or month. Could you tell me please?

  18. Phoarn says:

    The picture at the very above of this page looks like the way from Battambang to Pailin. The place where the picture could be taken is more likely from Phnom Sampeou.

  19. tumnei says:

    Hi Phoarn,

    PPSC offers a better facilities at a higher price. It is 50 bucks per a month for adult, though you might get 10% discount. Just go there, the staff there will take you around to see what they are offering. I have never been there again after taking the above photos -:)

    You are right about the top banner. It was a view from Phnom Sampao.

  20. Phoarn says:

    Thanks for your information. I supposed at VIP club is more expensive than PPSC. However, it would not be too expensive with that fee if we can do or use lots of what they are offering. Just try to take some time and go very often, and we can benefits much from the price. If possible, it is not too bad 🙂

  21. Peter says:

    Hello guys!

    I am moving to Phnom Penh in June – cant wait!

    Could anyone tell me if they offer some sort of 6-month or 1-year membership fee?

    The gym looks good but all I need is a proper workout so Im not very happy to pay $45 per month in Cambodia for all those fancy facilities (I pay less in the UK for a really good gym)….hopefully long term membership is cheaper.

    Or does anyone know any “underground” gym in Phnom Penh around the area of PPSC?

    Thank you so much! I will do my best to check this place soon but in case please email me if u dont mind!

    thank u

  22. Steve says:

    If you can actually swim more than a few lengths of the pool consecutively, don’t bother going to the PPS club after 430pm on a week day. They don’t police the so called fast lane or medium lanes and non swimmers doing non discript strokes dominate the roped lanes and make it impossible to do laps. It’s a shame because it is a good facility. The management have missed out on over 6 months of mebership from me due to their inaction.
    Sereyon gives a fantastic oil and khmer massage though. Highly recommended

  23. Amanda says:

    This club is just next door to the school where I teach. The facilities are OK and the pool is usually clean. The real downside is that the gymnasium (cardio & weights) is not airconditioned. For the price you pay, you can go to other gyms that have aircon. I’m not just being a princess. The risk of dehydration is very real, especially for foreigners in PP, and working out in 38oC is just not beneficial for health. Plus the floor of the gym is all porcelain tiles so all the weight machines tend to slide around while you are using them. Not terribly safe. But the club is nice and close to the Russian Market and has a great little cafe where you can eat beside the pool and I’ve never had any trouble after eating there. 🙂

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