The Day Has Come, At Last

Posted: May 13, 2009 in My Life

I am reaching a turning point now. Surely I will be less tumnei, but I will try to find time to pursuit my passion and make some updates occasionally.

PS: I have just received my new lens, Nikkor 50mm f.1/8 D.

  1. YeNG says:


  2. Congratulation, Bang! As for your norm no personal photos here, I am hoping to receive direct wedding’s photos from you in my mail box. lolzzzzzz

  3. seth says:

    oh, enjoy your legal sex life

  4. pst says:

    congratz…..!!!send me some photos .

  5. borin says:

    I don’t understand, but from the comment, i’d guess that it marriage! Congratulation!!

  6. Magnus Sweden says:

    I just get my new Sigma 50 1,4 !

  7. Marriage does not mean only about sex!

  8. Samphors~* says:

    Oh.. didn’t understand the post until I read the comment haha.. CONGRATS!!!

  9. bctor says:


  10. Daravuth says:

    Wish you happiness!!!! Waiting patiently to see the wedding photos uploaded 😀

  11. Nikkor 50mm f.1/8 D? good but expensive lens.. wow

  12. borin says:

    Vichet if you call that expensive, there would be no cheap lens. Keke 50mm F1.8 is the most affordable after kits lens.

  13. Ahh i confused with NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G.. 😀
    anyway, what is this lens for? close up? macro/micro shot? or …?

    Now i don’t have any DSLR yet, i have plan to buy one but current budget is too low.. and i hope noel next year the price would be lower and my budget would be bigger 😀
    i think about nikon D90+18-105mm, what do you recommend?

  14. tumnei says:

    Thank you guys for your congratulatory messages.

    Vicheth, D90 is pretty good. A friend of mine is also using it. It is much better than my D80. But I guess it is more than a grand with the lens kit.

  15. Hana says:



  16. yasky says:

    Hmmm.. 50mm f1.8 is good for potrait and low light. Since it is a prime lens it provides sharp images. 😛

  17. tumnei says:

    >> Hana, ステキば結婚式でした。なかなか地方での結婚式を参加することがないので、面白かったですよ。お二人も末永くお幸せに!!!

    >> Borin, It can also produce photos with nice bokeh. I really love it for its fast shutter speed in low light situation. Will share some photos later soon. Stay tuned!!!

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