City of Lion

Posted: June 20, 2009 in My Life, Travel
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090620SNG1The Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. Sadly I were not able to witness her beauty at night.

090620SNG1Singapore high-rises.

090620SNG3Chinatown. I am not an architect, but I love the architecture of Singapore.

090620SNG4Clarke Quay, the place you should not miss when you are in the city. The composition would be better, if I have had a tripod with me at that time. I had to use natural tripod, riverbank stairway in this case.

090620SNG5Restaurants and bars along the Singapore River around the Clarke Quay, one of the most popular nightlife options in Singapore. I did not have a chance to truly experience it, though.

090620SNG6Open air restaurants along the river. Jumbo Seafood? Sorry, my wallet was not thick enough for this one. At River Point

  1. Daravuth says:

    What the great photos !!! I like the first photo the most…The symbol of Singapore!!!

  2. First I saw the title I was thinking of somewhere in Africa. lolz Sorry, my poor memory. Right, Merlion of Singapore! Bro, come here again (pretending that I am in Singapore now) to go along the river and try this board game. Quite fun when there are many of us! (of course you’ve got to bring sis with too. hehehe)

    I love the second picture the best. ^_^

  3. tumnei says:

    It seems we got different tastes. “Beauty is on the eyes of beholders.” hhehe. My favorite is the second from the bottom, by the way.

    What is board game, sis? Before the visit, Singapore is not a place I want to see. But when I was there, I found lots of nice places for shooting. I love it now. Will let you know, if we have plan to go there again. 😀

  4. That reminds me of my time in Singapore! I’ll be back soon in August!

  5. Sothy says:

    🙂 You should have tried seafood. I love it. I will spend all the money just for it. LOL anyway, the photos are just so nice. I also like the architecture you showed too. Very beatiful and colorful. well seen.

  6. Samnang says:

    Phal, is that honeymoon trip?

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