Update from Osaka

Posted: July 10, 2009 in My Life, Photos
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Just a quick update. I have arrived at Osaka since last Saturday but could not afford time for blogging.

The day before yesterday I needed to send a document to my friend, but unfortunately I could not get connected to internet from the hotel room I stayed. I had no choice but to find internet café even it was after 1 am. I grabbed my D80, memory stick and hotel map heading to the recommended internet café, Airs Café. I snapped a few shots while I strolling back and forth looking for the café. However, I could not find it and ended up using another internet café with more expensive charge.

As I spared some time today I selected the photo below for the update. Surprisingly Airs Café is just right away on the top of the photo.
090719Shotengai Sonezaki Ohatsutenji Dori Shotengai (shop street) after midnight.

Sadly I have just found that, for some unknown reason, about 20% of my photos are corrupted. Among the corrupted there are some of my favorites. So far I have not had much chance to shoot for I am here as translator, but hopefully I can release more shutters when we go to Kyoto for sightseeing this Sunday.

  1. ksrun says:

    Welcome back to Japan. How long are you going to stay this time? Are you on a trip? Good luck, brother.

  2. Good to hear from you, Bang! Have a good time there. ^_^

  3. tumnei says:

    >> Srun, I am here on mission for two weeks. Sadly I have no time hang around freely. I will fly back home next Saturday.

    >> Sis, are you still in Aussie now? I got lost of your whereabout now. hahaa

  4. Thank you for your great article. I also must say that your layout is a pleasure to view. Keep up the good work.

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