Japanese Food

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Photos
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090711JapaneseFood1Simmered meat and potatoes(肉じゃがい)

090711JapaneseFood2Rolled sushi(巻き寿司)

090711JapaneseFood3Rolled sushi(巻き寿司)

090711JapaneseFood4Japanese Rice Dumpling(みたらし団子)

  1. Daravuth says:

    It seems the rolled sushi relatively looks like Kim Bab of Korea. But don’t know whether the taste is the same.

  2. the 1st one look like khmer curry

  3. tumnei says:

    >> Sis, I guess you have at least tasted one them, haven’t you.

    >> Vuth, I have never tried Kimbab, but you may say that is the Japanese version. 😀

    >> អភិបាល, the taste and way of cooking is totally different, though it look slightly similar in the photo.

  4. hmmm yeah, only Sushi. hahahahaha

  5. Sothy says:

    these dishes look so delicious!

  6. Hi my older brother!
    you really make me miss one restaurant at Sovanna shopping center.

    Chheer! 🙂

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