Posted: July 30, 2009 in Photos, This & That

Twelve years ago I was one of RUPP freshmen, but I have never turned to be sophomore there. I remember that there were waist-high glasses growing along the way to the building where I spent my first year at backside of the campus. Some buildings were even abandoned at that time.

About two or three years back, I used to go there with my friend to do some shootings of the buildings there with my point-and-shoot Canon Powershot S40. Last week again I was there, in solitude this time.

090730RUPP1Though it was in the evening of Saturday, it was teem with students. The building on the left side has come to function after renovation a few years ago.

090730RUPP2 Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Main Building.

090730RUPP3A New Building. Have no idea when it was constructed.

090730RUPP4View from the building at very back of the campus. Doesn’t it tell the gaps between the rich and poor.

090730RUPP5University Swimming Pool Ceasing to Function. I have been wondering if anyone care to bring it to function. I think it is the second largest pool after the one in Olympic Stadium.

  1. Nice pictures of our alma mater! I haven’t been in the auditorium but heard it was in a better shape now. I am with you on the swimming pool. Someone needs to bring it back to function again. It’s pain to see such a great facility in its current state!

  2. sokdalin says:

    nice shot! great job!
    looking forward to seeing new photos soon

  3. miss the school!
    i dont know what happen to the pool too,.
    feel sad what we already have in the past
    just know we couldnot just to renovate them
    what a shame!

  4. s3iLa says:

    I wonder where is the building in 4th picture located? I’ve never seen it before

  5. Nice shot, bro!

    I go to IFL almost everyday but I rarely go there since I left there almost 3 years ago after I got my BCS certificate. About the pool it’s quite good if they can reconstruct it again and it is much better if they can setup night light around the whole University.

  6. Your pictures make me miss the school. Last 12 years, I was also a freshman at IFL, Department of English, but most of the time, I went to RUPP Main Building.

  7. tumnei says:

    The building stands behind Hun Sen Library. It is a new building.

    There are so many IFLers here. 😀

  8. Sothy says:

    Nice pictures from my old school. Was there for 4 years. Miss it a lot when seeing these.

  9. Samnang says:

    Always, nice pictures. Remind me of being students there 9 “years ago”, too. The place was not just education institution but for hang-out as well.

  10. borin says:

    Oh swimming pool? I think renting for private business to make money out of it might do the trick. but it is controversial

  11. Kdam Sork also misses the school!

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