Photoshop CS’s Dirty Trick

Posted: August 13, 2009 in Photography, Tips and Tricks
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I have never been more convincing than what I did an hour ago that a licensed Photoshop CS4 could cost you more than $600. Fortunately, I do not have to spend those $$ on these licensed Adobes.


I have tried stitched photos for a couple of times, but it was very time-consuming and I have always had problem with blending exposures as each photo got slightly different one. With Automate Photomerge, it works a like magic. What you should do is just wait a minute or two. It will do all the dirty works for you flawlessly.

Read here to learn to create your panorama.

  1. Yeah, all the software are really expensive. How are we going to afford even we need one of them!

    • tumnei says:

      Even I can afford, I am not gonna pay those big bucks to Adobe. hehe. Though companies has tried to make it more and more difficult for unauthorized users, some naughty boys have always to find ways for us who cannot pay. 😛

  2. vannahay says:

    I want to have Adobe master collection CS4 i bought Ai CS4 in the first time it was too much money, i became poor that time, now i need other , so what should i do, thanks.

  3. tumnei says:

    It is great if your pocket is deep enough for licensed Adobe. But if you are on tight budget like most of us, you could turn to pirated software. It is available here and there on internet. I am not encouraging you to do so. Do it with your own responsibilities.

  4. great trick..i like it so much.. 🙂

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