Rural and City Boys

Posted: August 17, 2009 in Photos

Last Saturday I went to Kean Svay for lunch and spent an afternoon there with my family. I used to do food shopping for picnic at friend’s farmland for a couple of times, but I think I had never had lunch there for at least in the last ten years. After lunch we rent a boat to nearby Koh Prak. At the river bank, the island boys were amusing themselves with water.





The following day, on Sunday, I set out with old buddy to shoot some Phnom Penh’s forgotten architectures. (I will share those photos later if I have time.) On the third floor of a building, some buys was indulging in gambling of shoe sliding.




These boys are trying to adapt to the environments in which they are living, having different ways to spend their weekend.

  1. ប្រកាស១នេះ ស្រដៀងហ្នឹងប្រកាស់ញ៉ុមដែរ, រូបខាងលើគេស្អាត, តើញ៉ុមអាចខ្ចីប្រើបានទេ?

  2. tumnei says:

    You can used the photo, but it would be nice if you can point its source. 🙂

  3. បាទ ទទួលព្រះរាជបញ្ជា! តែមិនដឹងពេលណាប្រើទេ, ព្រោះរវល់មិនទាន់បានអាប់ដេត ប្រូហ្វាលផង! 😀

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