Colonial Architectures Need More Care

Posted: August 19, 2009 in Architecture, Landscape, This & That
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I have taken the photos of this old building for several times, but I had never reached it this close. The building is located right in front of National Museum. There are many more old colonial buildings in Phnom Penh that are being left to decay and waiting the day of collapse. Though I heard that FCC group has acquired this handsome building, there has been no sign of renovation. It is a shame and painful to see these buildings are well forgotten by responsible persons.

  1. for the city mayor no care but destroy! sic

  2. Pou Barang says:

    What a shame !

    Even if I am not a fan of the colonial period, I feel this sad.

    I heard many years ago it will be restored and thought this was done.

    And one more time, thank you for your nice pictures.

  3. There are some Frenches and foreigners make renovation on some colonial architectures, but for their own benefit. The Chinese House, an example. It is renovated, but for doing business.

  4. tumnei says:

    If the government knows how to use it properly, it can generate a great deal of incomes and attract more tourists to so-called second-worse city to visit. Some colonial villas in Kep were reformed into 5-star hotel ( by two Belgians.

  5. Pou Barang says:

    Just to inform you that I made some advertising on your topic in France:

    and also on your whole blog :

  6. tumnei says:

    It is my honor that you love my photos, Pou Barang. Though I do not read French, google translation tells me that you are promoting my photos. Thank you very much for that.

  7. Sothy says:

    This is a good shot with lighting and angle from where you shoot. Glad you can think about preservation.

  8. tumnei says:

    I am lucky to be there when the building were soaked with evening light. My lens were not wide enough, that I had to stitch the above photo with Photoshop.

  9. Chorn Sokun says:

    This is the greatest act for conservation by the city governor

  10. Great headline. If your cookie has a bite-sized action and your reader completes the action, I think two things happen. Their self-confidence goes up (which feels good) and their trust in you increases.

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