Phnom Penh Exploration?

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Photography
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If you have put a little more attention, you would notice that there are so many abandoned buildings in the heart of Phnom Penh. In fact, I have trespassed on some of those buildings, though I do not have a decent photo to show off. After reading articles on “How to photograph abandoned places” and “Urban exploration guide for photographers’’ by Alain P, it struck me that there are plenty of buildings for that kind of photography here. However, taking such a great shot is far from easy.

Urban Exploration in Montreal by megapixelicious

Is there anyone having interest in this photography? I am looking for partners, as I do not have gut to do it alone.

  1. Sabay says:

    I hope i have time like that too! so i’ll join you

  2. tumnei says:

    We should meet up and go somewhere to shoot together someday, Borin. But it sounds you are so busy.

  3. I’m just a fan still … but go go go, bro!

  4. Kenno says:

    I am interested, and would like to go out and shoot with you sometimes.

    Phossdey, you can try to snatch your sis’s camera and join the crew. 😀

  5. tumnei says:

    So pls don forget to let me know when you come here. Ah, Phossdey, another option if you do not want to shoot, be an assistant dealing with some gears such as holding lantern and walking around the room to create artificial light. hahaa. Just kidding you te.

  6. Sabay says:

    Phal, I think image like this would be good in HDR. Because it seem that it’s not easy to get the exposure right. The light from the outside is really bright, but the inside is really dark.

  7. Samphors~* says:

    Kenno, you just taught kid to be bad lah… isn’t it better having me join? I wish to learn more about photography too 😀

  8. tumnei says:

    The number of crew is increasing now 😀

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