On the Way from School

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Daily Life
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“When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!” Ted Grant

I wish I have known how to process a better B&W version.

  1. Sothy says:

    I really like your composition. I especially like the way the bikes are lined. 2 in the front and 1 1 1 each in the back…very nice. B/W works well here. I like the quote you have. Very true. Well done.

    • tumnei says:

      I love the way you described the photo, Sothy. I took few shots when they passed me, but it turned out it was the best POV and sharpest photo I got. It happened that all of them are girls.

  2. Phossdey says:

    it is a beautiful one already, bro.

  3. Phossdey says:

    It’s a one great shot already. I love it and the quote too. They both made a perfect post to me 😀

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