Unbeatable Smile of Cambodian Kids

Posted: October 26, 2009 in Children, Portrait
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I find the innocent smile of Cambodian rural kids with their sparkling eyes is not something to be beaten. I seldom fail to see them through my viewfinder whenever I have chance to. Here are two of my favorites from my recent trip to a remote school in Siem Reap.

091026CamKid1 A board smile from her heart. I did smile too, though not as board as hers, when I saw this photo on my LCD monitor.

091026CamKid2 A very soft smile when she touched music instrument, recorder, for the first time in her life. Children of developed countries may take music lesson for granted, but it is not the case for kids in Cambodia, especially at school in rural area.

  1. Sothy says:

    Yeah their smiles are really nice, and like you said, unbeatable! Very nice cpature of the moment when she expresses her excitement! Well done, Phal.

  2. bctor says:

    beautifully capture and the smile tells all story about her

  3. mega ai says:

    very nice shot, brother,,,
    i almost crying looking at the pictures,,,
    it reminds of the children in phnom penh that i met couple months ago,,,
    good luck!

  4. tumnei says:

    Hi Mega ai,
    Thank for dropping by. Looks like you have met so many people during your visit in Cambodia.

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