Rokadek, a tree of hell

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Daily Life
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Rokadek, a legendary thorny tree believed to grow in the hell for adulterers to climb on as punishment. The photo was taken at Phnom Sambo, Battambang.

This unknown tree was found in the forest of Sambo Preykuk. After seeing this tree, Rokadek is much less thorny. Probably the increasing number of committed adulteries on earth (even Mr. Tiger allegedly involved in love affair with a cocktail waitress) has made the Rokadek less thorny. Should the Solicitor General of the Hell consider of using this tree to replace Rokadek. -:))

  1. Phossdey says:

    hahaha that’s funny, Bang. I reckon they are from the same family …. thanks for sharing! it’s quite useful for general knowledge. 😀

  2. Sovathary says:

    I injured my hand with Rokakdek tree once, LITERALLY! Sometime, I think the nature is weird, why bless a tree with this kind of power? I like the idea that it grow in hell waiting for adulterers, anyhow!

  3. Sovathary says:

    Sort of yes, sort of no. Go figure!

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