Spider Girl

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Daily Life, Travel
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“If you buy my Aping, I will show you how i eat Aping alive. Deal?”

“You want to try it too?”

  1. pst says:

    send me some plz 😀

  2. MagnusSweden says:

    I have told my niece about people eat spiders as candy in Cambodia , but she dont bealive me realy now I can show here picture about it.

    Nice photos !

    In Sweden very cold some parts below -40 Celsius !!!

  3. tumnei says:

    @pst, come here and get as many of it as you want.

    @ វិចិត្រ, I did not try it that time, but I have tasted it so many times already. It tastes not bad. ;d

    @Magnus, what a freezing temperature? I cannot imagine how cold it is. Hope your niece do not feel bad to see it. haha.

  4. i mean eat it alive as the girl said, 😀

  5. Phossdey says:

    At first thought it was the spider girl band! hahaha oh well, that’s Cambodian thing!

  6. Phossdey says:

    It is actually spice girl 😀

  7. It’s delicious though to eat Aping alive. It’s more delicious than the cooked one. It’s milky!

  8. sovathary says:

    Oh buddha, I don’t mean to be ethnocentric about that, but it is kind of shocking, it made my eyes glaze over when I saw those pictures.

    Mmm, Aping? No thank you.

  9. sokheounpang says:

    I used to eat it only the fried one but not that alive….abit scary!!

  10. គេញ៉ាំលេងៗតើបងហី?

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