Mock Sport Festival

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Children, SVA

Pouk, Siem Reap: Today after discussing with teachers and showing them some video clips, children were gathered under tree shades for mock sport festival. These sorts of sport activities are conducted annually in every primary school in Japan. We hope in the future, Cambodia will have our own version this sport activities too. Both children and teachers did have a very good time this afternoon. It is good for children to do it under the shades, but it means there is not enough light for action shots as I need fast shutter speed. We are gonna do it again tomorrow at the same place. As usual, here are some proofs.

  1. Magnus says:

    In Sweden all schools are closed next week , they childrens and students have a winter sports holiday , and some activity are organized for them as skies an skates , but many stay insides playing games on computers or playstation

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  3. how happy they are ? 🙂 it make me remind my high school hay ! 🙂

  4. tumnei says:

    @Magnus: I have never seen children winter sport. By the way, when will you arrive in Phnom Penh?

    @Long: Thank for dropping by.

  5. Magnus says:—1.html

    One picture of children in snow.

    I forgett to say that was nice pictures from the school.

    I will be in Phnom Penh 25 of mars , but i want to go to the beach in Sihanoukville first and after some lazy days there i go back to PP

    • tumnei says:

      Hope you will enjoy shooting and kicking back all days there. Look like you prefer hot Cambodia to freezing Sweden. :)) Hope to see you in PP after you come back from you trip.

  6. NIce pictures bro. It also reminds me of my primary school days. It is great that you have introduced such inspiring game to the children and it would be great if we could interpret or reflect the game to the everyday life. By the way, what are the game that Japanese students play?

    I used to visit one of the biggest training centres in Phnom Penh, VBNK. I was very surprised and inspired by their training approaches in which the content of training is transformed into inspiring game. I think it would be good if we could include those games into the school activities.

  7. tumnei says:

    @ Chanreoun: Yes its purpose was teach them how to work in team, follow rules…. It is also good for their health. I have never received any training with VBNK, but it looks like many training institutes here introducing games to their training.

    Samphors, it was a real fun. :))

  8. sovathary says:

    I love their smile and effort, it’s fun to watch them play. Waiting for more pictures from u, okay?

  9. MagnusSweden says:

    Today in Sweden , no school for one week in my hometown and some children use the frozen skate rink in the middle of town

    Yes i miss a hot Cambodia 😉

    • tumnei says:

      Oh now you got your own blog dedicating to Cambodia. I wish I can read what your writes there, but I do enjoy your photos. It is getting hot here now. Cambodian heat is waiting you :))

  10. ហ៊ើយប្អូនៗញ៉ុម រត់ដាច់ជើងចោលតាម្រ៉ង!

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